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Prasoon Mukherjee

Accounting, Auditing and Blockchain. The common thread that binds the 3 is Triple Entry Accounting

Introduction: A background of accounting and auditing mis-governance, that’s hard to ignore: With sheer increase in the number of accounting scams that the industries have witnessed since early 2000, ...

26 Nov 2019
Internal Auditors in Financial Services
Prasoon Mukherjee

Re-wiring Post Trade : Choice to lead the change, or live on crumbs

“At the outset let me begin with an apology to those few readers who may take offence to the title, as it (kind of) challenges the existing steady state. However, let me also acknowledge that the true...

11 Sep 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Prasoon Mukherjee

Liberate LIBRA off the currency war, and let it find its meaningful place as a STO.

Calvin Coolidge said "Doubters do not achieve, skeptics do not contribute, and cynics do not create". At the outset let me truthfully confess that I am neither of the three on this subject. ...

22 Jun 2019
Blockchain Observations
Prasoon Mukherjee

Privacy By Design - How IT systems may evolve in banks under GDPR

A lot is being read, written or heard about GDPR – it’s relevance, implications to institutions that collect personal data, and ramifications of non-compliance. Therefore, this will not deal with any ...

19 Feb 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Prasoon Mukherjee

Settling the skepticism over JPM Coin

During the past week and this weekend, the financial services industry has witnessed an overdoze of journalism surrounding JP Morgan's first (big) entry into the crypto-coin space and most of it is fo...

18 Feb 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation