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Abhijit Deb

Innovation and Commoditisation: Extracting Value from the New Era of Payments

Consumers now expect easy and immediate payment services, no matter where they are or what they are buying, whatever the payment method. It may be symptomatic of the ‘age of instant gratification,’ bu...

21 Nov 2018
Data Management 101
Abhijit Deb

How technology can revive correspondent finance

Despite the size of the market increasing, correspondent banking remains under pressure due to the cost of compliance, reputational risk and shrinking margins. Can technology strike the balance betwee...

26 Jul 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Abhijit Deb

Storefronting and the rise of window shopping in investment banking

People’s interactions with their banks have undergone an extraordinary transformation. From the emergence of app-only challengers such as Monzo to the evolution of physical branches, technology has dr...

07 Feb 2018
Banking Architecture
Abhijit Deb

MiFID II - why there is more to be done in 2018

MiFID II is one of the most far-reaching changes to financial market regulation yet. Investment and wealth management as well as wealth advisory firms are the most impacted segments, especially those ...

11 Jan 2018