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Ivy Schmerken

Wrestling with OMS and EMS Decisions

Many asset managers are wrestling with the decision on whether to keep the order management system (OMS) and execution management system (EMS) as two separate best-of-breed systems, or switch to a sin...

19 Dec 2017
Capital Markets Technology
Ivy Schmerken

Is Market Structure Tied Up in Knots?

With a new head of trading and markets at the SEC, there is optimism that some of the complex market structure issues – such as make-taker incentives and sky-high market data costs — will be looked at...

01 Dec 2017
Ivy Schmerken

MiFID II: Down to the Wire on Commodity Position Limits

As MiFID II’s Jan. 3 go-live date draws closer, investment firms are rushing to implement systems that monitor position limits on commodity derivatives, though the majority of the limits are still unk...

01 Nov 2017
Ivy Schmerken

Augmented Reality Becomes a Reality for Trading

As consumer technologies rapidly evolve, some are speculating that augmented reality could be the next big thing to transform the trader’s work space. Financial services firms are already looking at b...

26 Sep 2017
Ivy Schmerken

The Buy Side Delves into Mobile Data

As hedge funds and quantitative asset managers hunt for unique sources of alpha, Wall Street’s attention is turning to analysis of location data generated by mobile phones. Location data from mobile p...

31 Aug 2017
Ivy Schmerken

MiFID II Transparency Puts Stress on Data Architecture

With only four months to go until the MiFID II’s Jan. 3, 2018 implementation date, buy-side firms are facing huge changes in disclosure and transparency requirements, which could upend their data mana...

09 Aug 2017
Ivy Schmerken

Fixed Income Trading Protocols: Going with the Flow

Last week, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said he asked the staff to develop a plan for creating a Fixed Income Market Structure Committee to advise the SEC on regulatory issues in the fixed-income markets...

27 Jul 2017
Ivy Schmerken

Riding the Wave: Speed, Algos and Consolidation

A wave of consolidation has hit high-speed trading firms and brokers in the past few months, and many are blaming low volatility and weak trading volumes in the face of rising compliance and market da...

12 Jul 2017
Ivy Schmerken

Ethical FX via the Global Code

Foreign exchange participants are getting a crash course in ethical behavior. With the release of the FX Global Code for the wholesale foreign exchange market last month, the FX industry is counting o...

14 Jun 2017
Ivy Schmerken

Options Market Structure: Fragmented Reality

Some experts are debating whether the complexity of the listed U.S. options market structure is hurting liquidity providers and driving some market makers out of the business. Options market makers ar...

16 May 2017
Ivy Schmerken

Order Protection Rule Tug-of-War

There is still uncertainty around the fate of the Order Protection Rule, a key rule governing U.S. stock trading that has led to more complexity, speed and order types, but also protects retail invest...

25 Apr 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Ivy Schmerken

Next Steps in Bond Trading: All-to-All Matching Catching on?

Corporate bond trading platforms are in the news again. Platforms that have launched innovative all-to-all trading protocols are attracting buy-side firms to their venues. Despite skepticism a few yea...

04 Apr 2017
Capital Markets Technology