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Ivy Schmerken

FX Volatility 'Trumping Forward' into 2017

The unanticipated election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency has boosted trading volume and volatility in currencies, and many see an opportunity to generate profits that has eluded them for seve...

27 Dec 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Multi-Asset Trading Now in Vogue for the Buy Side?

Demand for multi-asset trading on the buy-side has “renewed” the importance of the execution management system’s role on buy-side trading desks in the battle for screen-based real estate. However, lis...

15 Dec 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Equity Trading Update: Relationships, Liquidity and IOIs

With stricter regulations, capital constraints and technology costs impacting the sell side, large brokers are rationing their services and this trend is being felt on equity trading desks. Brokers

21 Nov 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Smart New Rules for Smarter Order Routing?

Disclosure is the rage in financial markets regulation and the latest set of proposals relate to order handling rules. Regulators are seeking to boost transparency into the order routing practices of ...

25 Oct 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Impact of MiFID II: Unbundling, the Sell Side and Research Trends

Research Disruption? European regulators are pressing to unbundle research payments from executions. Experts say that a regulatory overhaul driven by MiFID II has the potential to disrupt the global r...

11 Oct 2016
Ivy Schmerken

FX Algo Usage Rises as Buy-Side Takes Charge

Algorithmic trading is gaining ground in foreign exchange among asset managers and pension funds that have been traditionally slower than hedge funds and CTAs in adopting these tools. Nearly one third...

30 Aug 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Quant Funds Get Sentimental About Big Data

Big Data Fed by Social Media Social media is creating a torrent of data every minute. But how much of this firehose is relevant to making better investment decisions? As hedge funds and asset manager...

04 Aug 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Managing Big Data After Brexit

The UK’s Brexit vote threw traders and investors off-balance and disrupted global financial markets. After the UK’s June 23 referendum to leave the European Union, traders and investors awoke to a glo...

26 Jul 2016
Ivy Schmerken

MiFID II: Brexit, Pain Points and Other Hurdles

Brexit Impact The UK’s Brexit vote to leave the European Union sent a shock through financial markets, but will it throw Britain’s compliance with MiFID II into a tailspin? From a legal standpoint, Br...

29 Jun 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Raising the Curtain on Treasuries

U.S. regulators are pushing for more transparency into the $13 trillion US Treasury market after several regulatory agencies found that the government securities market is more opaque than they realiz...

06 Jun 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Will the Buy Side Become Fixed Income Liquidity Providers?

Buy-side fixed income traders are prepared to play a more active role as price- makers on electronic trading platforms, as liquidity constraints have pushed them to redefine their role. Institutional ...

05 May 2016
Ivy Schmerken

TCA Trends: Venue Analysis Tops Buy-Side Trends

It’s no secret that institutional traders are utilizing transaction cost analysis (TCA) for equities trading as a tool for measuring execution quality and reducing slippage against trading benchmarks....

12 Apr 2016