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Richard Broadbent

Getting ahead of the game

In an age driven by technology and innovation, providing services that overlay technology with human touchpoints/interaction where appropriate remains crucial in achieving good customer service, regar...

18 Dec 2015
Richard Broadbent

Cash is here to stay

Figures from the Bank of England suggest that we have an ongoing attachment to cash. Indeed, the value of bank notes in circulation increased by six per cent last year with the £20 note representing ...

16 Oct 2015
Richard Broadbent

Addressing the perennial cost of cash

As the payments space becomes increasingly digitised, we shouldn’t forget the important role that cash still plays in our society. On a global basis both the level of cash in circulation and the value...

13 Aug 2015
Richard Broadbent

Could cash play a bigger role in transformation projects?

With the enormous pressure facing the industry from customers and competitors alike, many banks are redefining their in-branch strategies. In fact some 2,274 branches underwent a refit in the past two...

02 Jul 2015
Richard Broadbent

Are We Ready for the Polymer Revolution?

It’s been a few weeks now since Clydesdale Bank first issued the £5 polymer note to the public and from what I can see consumer reaction, so far at least, has been overwhelmingly positive. A quick loo...

30 Apr 2015
Richard Broadbent

Cash is Still King

Despite what many think, cash would still appear to be king. Since 1986, ATM cash withdrawals have been on a steady increase across the country according to statistics by Link. Demand for cash also a...

09 Apr 2015
Richard Broadbent

A Prime Time For Change

Banking, in the modern sense of the word, can be traced back to medieval Europe and early Renaissance Italy. Of course, the 1400s was very different to today; but up until a few years ago very little ...

26 Feb 2015