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Balazs Fejes

Automation and Digitalization of the Wealth Management Space

There is no doubt that digital innovation has raised the bar in terms of customer experience and expectation across the banking industry. The increased popularity and adoption of social, digital and m...

10 Dec 2014
Balazs Fejes

Digital transformation in corporate banking

Never before has there been a more challenging time for banks to serve their corporate clients. The financial crisis pushed an envelope of change through the financial markets, as well as other indust...

05 Nov 2014
Balazs Fejes

Have banks come to the party too late?

Software is increasingly driving competitiveness in financial markets but have banks arrived at the party too late? The increased use of digital channels amongst consumers along with their changing ne...

01 Sep 2014
Balazs Fejes

No More False Starts: Time For mPOS To Get Unified

The move to mobile point of sale (mobile POS) is radically changing the face of customer interactions and payments in certain sectors, particularly in retail, as both customers and merchants grow incr...

19 Aug 2014
Balazs Fejes

Big Brother Has Your Data, And That’s OK

With projected year-on-year growth in global data currently standing at around 40 percent Big Data has become a critical part of customer, supplier and operational relationships across every sector

04 Aug 2014
Balazs Fejes

Data Integration Is Key For Banks To Capitalize On Digital

Data Integration Is Key For Banks To Capitalize On The Digital Opportunity The digitization of customer experience is rapidly changing the traditional retail banking business model with the use ...

22 Jul 2014
Balazs Fejes

Omnichannel banking needs to be more strategic

Omnichannel banking needs to be more strategic than being all things to all people Digital technology has undoubtedly changed the way we will bank forever. A recent report from the British Banking A...

14 Jul 2014
Balazs Fejes

Banks Must Lose Their Baggage to Enable Innovation

The changing needs and preferences of customers, coupled with the recent rapid pace of digital innovation, have raised the bar on the levels of service that customers expect from their banks. The incr...

23 Jun 2014