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Paul Penrose

Don't give up the day job...ever

Just stumbled across this jaw-dropping anecdote from a NY Times article on the May 6 Flash crash: The founder of Tradebot, in Kansas City, Mo., told students in 2008 that his firm typically held stoc...

20 May 2010
Paul Penrose

Now we are ten

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that Finextra's sporting a proud new logo. That's right. we're celebrating our tenth birthday later this year and we thought we'd mark the occasion by commiss...

19 Apr 2010
Paul Penrose

Finextra's Best of the Web

Good news for all you news junkies out there. Finextra has introduced a new 'Best of the Web' news feed to sit alongside our regular output of breaking stories from the world of fintech. Much like our...

05 Mar 2010
Paul Penrose

The ATM was the last great financial innovation

How do you define innovation in finance? Are we talking about the creation of new synthetic debt instruments, famously decried by Warren Buffet as "financial weapons of mass destruction". Or...

25 Feb 2010
Finance 2.0
Paul Penrose

Finra's social media mash up

Lots of chatter in social media circles yesterday about this report on the New Comm Biz blog cocerning a financial services employee who was allegedly forced to remove his LinkedIn profile in respons...

11 Feb 2010
Finance 2.0
Paul Penrose

Tokyo fires blunt arrowhead

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has spent $140 million on the development of arrowhead, a new 'super-fast' trading platform that processes trades in five milliseconds, approximately 600 times faster than its...

08 Jan 2010