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Alex Noble

Finding good news in contact centres

I know it's boring if I begin every post with a regret that I haven't had much time to blog, but it's true and it's why the posting frequency has dropped so much. The news these past few weeks has be...

08 Dec 2008
Alex Noble

Abbey- did an IVR survey lock out a customer's account?

This blog sometimes flirts with the idea of news, rather than just comment, and I couldn't resist this story. I saw it today in the Scotsman (though it's also more detail here in the Daily Mail). ...

30 Oct 2008
Alex Noble

Are call centres so bad they hinder business?

I was struck today by an advertisement for that I saw from the train. I know customers often don't like call centres (especially offshore ones), but this advertisement seemed to be tar...

22 Oct 2008
Alex Noble

Despite the crunch, still call centre growth at Barclays

An interesting story on Finextra that Barclays are to create over 200 new call centre jobs in Liverpool. A lot of reasons why this is interesting. One is that with the credit crunch it's good to see...

14 Oct 2008
Alex Noble

Barclays, silent calling and we've been here before...

So Barclays, or at least Barclaycard, have just been fined the maximum Ofcom (the UK communications regulator) can manage for making silent outbound calls. The story is well covered here on Finextra...

27 Sep 2008
Alex Noble

CRM, a way of banks gaining business in a recession?

I'm always suspicious of vendor surveys but this survey from SAP, reported on Finextra, rather caught my eye. It's entitled "European and Middle Eastern banks look to invest in CRM" and foc...

05 Sep 2008
Alex Noble

Channel in Financial Services

One blog I've been reading lately is Dr. Catriona Wallace's blog (Your Call) that covers the Asia-Pacific contact centre market. She had a good post on 24th June looking at the consumer use of channe...

02 Jul 2008
Alex Noble

HSBC creates 250 UK call centre jobs as offshore declines

After a week off sick there's been a lot to blog on. I was interested in the Finextra story "HSBC creates 250 call centre jobs". The interesting thing for me is that these are onshore jobs....

25 Jun 2008
Alex Noble

Aviva, offshore and the threat of the web comparators

The decision of Aviva (Norwich Union) to cut 1,800 jobs is a story making most of the national press and Finextra this morning. This is on top of the restructuring announced in 2006, which would she...

09 Jun 2008
Alex Noble

Benchmarking call centres, CRM and Self-Service

One report that's of interest to managers of customer facing operations is the annual Merchants/ Dimension Data contact centre benchmarking report. This year's has just been released for download (l...

09 Jun 2008
Alex Noble

Phone Banking vs Facebook banking

I was very interested to see two good stories on Finextra today. The first was that around half of Facebook users want to be able to bank through Facebook. The second was that 91% of British adults h...

05 Jun 2008
Alex Noble

Banks criticised by BBC for automated calls

I'm working in San Diego this week, but over the weekend I was sent an interesting story. The BBC Radio Money Box program has been investigating the use of automated outbound calling by UK banks to c...

03 Jun 2008