24 January 2017

Retail banking

Bhavesh VaghelaBarclaycard - Northampton

Digital Transformation Awesome Product Owner

22 January 2017  |  2797 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

One of the expected outputs of digital transformation should be epic digital products. Products that engage, add value and seamlessly intertwine into the lives of users. Nostalgic reference alert… Digital transformation is tough and requires the A Team which should include a “Hannibal Smith” Product Owner (PO). So what is a PO? I remember attendin...

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Richard BroadbentWincor Nixdorf - Bracknell

From contactless to compliance: preparation is crucial for the next stage of the payments revolution

19 January 2017  |  3605 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

It’s incredible how quickly new technologies change consumer habits. Looking back, the arrival of the ATM clearly meant consumers could get access to cash 24/7 but what it really changed was their expectation around service availability. Today, smartphones are the driving force behind a lot of innovation and changing consumer habits. For example, t...

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Steven Crowell
Steven CrowellCGI - Fairfax

Learning how to 'like' default management: Using social media to improve collections

17 January 2017  |  2676 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Social media channels offer rich opportunities to improve and even redefine the debt-related interactions between creditors and consumers. Like any new and disruptive technology, however, the differen...

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Bo Olafsson
Bo OlafssonÍslandsbanki - Kópavogur

How banks avoid extinction

15 January 2017  |  6212 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

I have never been as torn about the future prospects of banking as I am now. Even during the Icelandic financial crisis of 2008, my mind was not as close to blowing up as it is today. I am scared that...

TagsRisk & regulationRetail banking
David  Webber
David WebberIntelligent Environments - Kingston


13 January 2017  |  5596 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Social and digital technologies have been revolutionising customer engagement since the dawn of the digital age. However, now more than ever, there is increasing pressure on companies and institutions...

TagsMobile & onlineRetail banking
Monica Hovsepian
Monica HovsepianPega - Toronto


06 January 2017  |  6826 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

I recently contacted my bank to inform them that I will be making a large transaction and to put a notice on my profile in order to ensure the transaction was successfully completed. I contacted the b...

TagsMobile & onlineRetail banking
Alex Bray
Alex BrayGenpact - London

Skinny and cuddly? How can your omni-channel experience be lean and customer-centric?

06 January 2017  |  7284 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 2

As we leave the Christmas season behind, my mind has turned to the inevitable thought of dieting. It is sad and depressing. As ever, I want to eat more and still obtain the perfect physique (which is ...

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Bhavesh Vaghela
Bhavesh VaghelaBarclaycard - Northampton

2017 Banking Transformation Trends

05 January 2017  |  6642 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Orignally published on swifltyagile Happy New Year! I hope everybody has had a great festive period. Mine was amazing, I spent time absorbing the beauty of nature in winter and sharing special moments...

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Shyam Khandelwal
Shyam KhandelwalHSBC - Hyderabad

Health is Wealth: How Banks can help their customers remain healthy

05 January 2017  |  5288 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Banks and Customer Health ‘Health is Wealth’ is an age old saying. Banks have been traditionally associated with ‘Wealth’ part of the customers, but I believe now it’s a high time for the Banks to b...

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Steve Luong
Steve LuongKony, Inc - Austin

Mobile banking surges as security issues are addressed

03 January 2017  |  7205 views  |  1 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

The adoption of mobile banking will continue to surge across Europe, says a recent ING International Survey – Mobile Banking 2016 report. In its annual survey, ING shows that the share of mobile devic...

TagsMobile & onlineRetail banking
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