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Alisa Mamonova

Open banking starts with culture change

Open banking has swiftly turned from being a buzzword into the means of bringing financial services in the new paradigm. Change is inevitable and corporate culture is a good place to start. For decade...

22 h
Open Banking
Craig Hughes

Nouns and Verbs in the world of APIs

Please note that this is a little more technical than my previous articles – sometimes I need to let my inner-geek out. Simply because RESTful APIs are based on resources and use the HTTP verbs (GET...

07 Dec 2018
Hakan Eroglu

Berlin Group and the path to PSD3

In the European Union, PSD2 has created an important initial framework for open banking. API standardization is essential for building a fully-functioning open banking ecosystem – and the Berlin Group...

05 Dec 2018
Open Banking
Craig Hughes

Turkey Talk and APIs

A good friend of mine was out walking his dog in the countryside the other day. After a while, his dog noticed some turkeys in the adjacent field, and being a dog, decided to investigate. This involv

30 Nov 2018
Marten Nelson

A Big IDea for Banks

In the digital world banks can win by doing more of the same... What is a bank? A place to store money? Yes, but keeping cash under the mattress doesn’t make a bank of your bed. A lender? Sure. But to...

23 Nov 2018
Open Banking
Bob Lyddon

Request to Pay: challenges for the Treasurers of Creditors, but bonanza for the Treasurers of Debtor

“Request to Pay” or “RtP” is a new service planned for the UK by (formerly known as New Payment Systems Operator), and is likely to be adopted in some form within the Single Euro Payments Area ...

21 Nov 2018
Transaction Banking
Martin Haering

Open Banking - four models for the digital future

In a number of my previous blogs, I’ve pointed to the importance of platformification, and the need for banks to explore new revenue models for Open Banking. In this blog, I’d like to explore the top...

20 Nov 2018
Open Banking
Lu Zurawski

Open Banking and the magic illusion of 24x7 availability

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The wisdom in this old adage appears to ring true when applied to the early phases of the evolution of Open Banking (or open payments). Especial

13 Nov 2018
Open Banking
Craig Hughes

APIs and the Abstraction of Cars

In 2010, for the first time in history, we registered over a billion passenger cars on our roads, globally. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be 2.5 billion cars on our roads! Clearly, cars ar

09 Nov 2018
Huw Davies

Open banking is opening up business everywhere

Even though it’s early days for open banking there are already plenty of trailblazers offering new services. From forex to rental accommodation, personal identification to loyalty schemes, many cust...

05 Nov 2018
Open Banking
Craig Hughes

API Security: Who has the right key?

Everyone has at least one set of keys; don’t they? You can recognize your keys and you make sure you take them wherever you go. Look at each key on your keyring and you know which door or cabinet it

01 Nov 2018
Bob Lyddon

What we learned about’s Confirmation of Payee service

On 18th October 2018 - the re-branded New Payment System Operator - held a launch event and distributed brochures about their new service called Confirmation of Payee, or CoP. We have previousl...

30 Oct 2018
Transaction Banking