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Jesse Champagne

Moving B2B Payments From Cheques To Digital Pt. 2

Cheque creation and issuance can delay the movement of capital, costing businesses time, money, and efficiencies. Cheques can hurt your business cash-flow, as it’s never clear when a cheque that you s...

15 Feb 2019
Arunachalam N

Blockchain Platform -Scope for Intraday Liquidity Management

Across the globe, Liquidity Management continues to be key function for bank treasurers. As Corporate Banks / Financial Institutions seeks to have safe and secured platform to enable more robust measu...

15 Feb 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Miloslav Hoschek

When the 5G network comes online on the 2020s..

When the 5G network comes online on the 2020s, a smartphone with an ultra high speed download of 1 Gbps or more is displayed. Due to the popularisation of 5G, the download speed reaches 20 gbps, the ...

14 Feb 2019
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Andrew Beatty

Banking Process Automation Hits Its Stride

The Gartner "Hype Cycle" has long been a good way to look at capabilities and think of whether we are in the early days, in the hype, when a new technology has promise but the standards and ...

14 Feb 2019
Chris Principe

WTF World’s Their Future

WTF – World’s Their Future Our World needs us to work for a better tomorrow Yes, I know, I usually write about technology and this title does not reflect that topic. But technology it is! Over the pas...

14 Feb 2019
Going green
Jesse Champagne

Moving B2B Payments From Cheques To Digital Pt. 1

In 2004, 81 percent businesses used cheques for B2B payments. By 2007, that number fell to 74 percent. In 2016, this number was below 50 percent. Why have businesses stopped using cheques? The reason ...

12 Feb 2019
Chris Holmes

Digital Banks - Business Models

Amongst the multitude of digital-only banks that emerged recently in Europe, the big five (Monzo, N26, TransferWise, Revolut and Starling) have developed a remarkable customer base, with their popular...

07 Feb 2019
Digital Banking Trends
Bob Lyddon

Cheques to be excluded from UK's New Payments Architecture

Once again cheques in the UK are facing their demise, this time as a consequence of their being excluded from the New Payments Architecture project, or "NPA". This time it will be a slow and...

04 Feb 2019
Transaction Banking
Bhavesh Vaghela

2019 Banking Predictions 6 mins read

I hope you all had a great festive period with loved ones and eased into the first month of 2019. Over Christmas I watched Back to the Future I, II, III with my kids (lets face it Christmas is not Chr...

01 Feb 2019
Scott Cutler

The Cyberthreat Trends the Financial Sector Needs to Follow

By Scott Cutler, Director, Sales - UK&I MAM at Fortinet For cybercriminals, a successful cyberattack has the potential to bring significant financial gain. Capitalising on the theft of informa

30 Jan 2019
Financial Risk Management
Chris Holmes

Digital Banks - Value Propositions

There is little doubt that mobile is an increasingly popular channel to manage finances as 2018 saw 61% of smartphone owners in Europe using mobile banking apps, an increase from 2017’s 48%. Therefor...

30 Jan 2019
Digital Banking Trends
Martin Haering

Retaining the human touch in an AI driven world

Younger generations are increasingly comfortable with fully automated experiences –interacting with digital assistants, chatbots and robo-advisors in their daily lives. But while these technologies ha...

30 Jan 2019
Digital Banking Trends