28 October 2016


Riaz MohammedSoftware AG - London


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On their own, start-up fintechs find it a challenge to compete with traditional banks; but by teaming up with technology giants they could beat the banks at their own game. While top banks like Citi, Goldman Sachs and Barclays are leading the field when it comes to investing in and incubating fintechs, they are being joined by tech giants like Goog...

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Stuart LaceyTrunomi - Mountain View

Data is money: who is taking their fair share?

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If you look at the huge corporate successes of recent years, they’re all very good at monetising data. Or to put it another way: they’re very good at monetising our data. Look at Google – it earns 90 percent of its income from advertising. It can only do that by scooping up data we leave on the sites we visit, anonymising it, and selling it to bran...

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Bill North
Bill NorthPelican - New York

A brave new world: the need for innovation in B2B payments

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Simplicity and flexibility. In the many conversations our teams have with corporate treasurers working in multinational organisations around the world, these are the two words we find constantly repea...

Nigel Farmer
Nigel FarmerSoftware AG - London

Data, Data Everywhere, nor any Knowledge to Gain

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The management, retention and reporting of huge data volumes is so onerous that many financial services firms are missing out on the value of this data; they are awash in a sea of data with nothing to...

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Doron Cohen
Doron CohenCovercy - London

SWIFT and the payments roadblock for SME exporters

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If you have transferred money to an overseas bank account lately, chances are it was processed by SWIFT. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications’ FIN messaging standard has al...

Brett King
Brett KingMoven - New York

The day I realized Fintech was becoming just the same as everything else

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I've been in Fintech since before we called it Fintech. Some would say that Fintech has been around for decades, as soon as Bank of America deployed ERMA (Electronic Recording Method of Accounting) in...

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Estelle Roiena
Estelle RoienaFintricity - London

Blockchain.. What type of innovation is it?

24 October 2016  |  6188 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 2

Understanding what type of innovation the blockchain falls into is the first step for an efficient leveraging of the technology. So let’s do a little bit of theory… The blockchain innovation is a ra...

Carlo R.W. De Meijer
Carlo R.W. De MeijerIndependent - Maarrssen

Blockchain: can it be of help for the agricultural industry?

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During my economics study in the seventieth of last century (indeed a long time ago!) one of the courses I followed was agricultural economics. Recently I met a Canadian (with Dutch roots) from the ag...

Simon Moss
Simon MossPneuron Corp - New York City

5 innovations to make AML more effective

21 October 2016  |  920 views  |  1 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

How do we improve Anti-Money Laundering investigations? We all know money laundering, terrorist financing and the impressive growth of the narco-economy continues to pose a serious threat to the int

Michael Davison
Michael DavisonAtos - London

Hybrid Cloud and Data Analytics: Maturing the Model

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Financial services organisations still often face both ways at once on cloud and analytics. They want analytics everywhere but, when it falls short of its promise, retreat. They don’t particularly w...

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