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Ivy Schmerken

Unlocking Data Silos to Reach the Promised Land of Smart Data Analytics

With mountains of market data, historical prices, and transactions data stored in disparate systems, securities and investment firms are shifting from a focus on collecting data to extracting value fr...

03 Feb 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Konstantin Rabin

Why are companies increasingly choosing trading algorithms?

Trading is a complicated process that requires time, attention and resources. While the gains that come from it is what convinces so many people to dedicate a huge part of their lives to trading, as t...

30 Jan 2020
Financial Inclusion
Ivy Schmerken

Revised SEC Rule 606 Shines the Light on Order Routing Disclosures

Change is brewing in the way that sell-side order routing data is reported to institutional customers. Broker-dealers will begin collecting vast amounts of data on January 1st for compliance with the ...

10 Dec 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Alexander Yuditsky

The state of the global export market. Barriers and opportunities for local business going global

Global trade is an ever-shifting sea. The waves of growth go up and down, but one thing remains certain: both barriers and opportunities are always present. Global trade tensions have been rising sinc...

26 Nov 2019
Bigger than Technology
Anne Plested

The evolving global impact of MiFID II

Last week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced an extension of their no-action letter regarding the European Union’s investment research rules. This extension helps both SEC regulat...

12 Nov 2019
Viktor Kochetov

Summer wrap-up: major developments in the crypto

Before diving into summer let’s take a leap in time and see the ‘baggage’ crypto packed during the first five months. According to data by Techemy Academy, the first quarter was quite eventful: there...

30 Oct 2019
Alexander Yuditsky

Boosting your exports as a local business: overcoming trade barriers via technology

The modern business world is fast-paced. Which isn’t inherently bad, it means it’s dynamic and full of opportunities. But speed often leads companies to focus on instruments at the micro-level or simp...

30 Oct 2019
Bigger than Technology
Konstantin Rabin

High Frequency Trading: The most morally grey Fintech of them all

High Frequency Trading or HFT for short has been around pretty much ever since the financial industry found out what computers were and started incorporating them on exchange floors, big boiler room o...

23 Oct 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Ivy Schmerken

Exchange Landscape Gearing Up for Expansion in 2020

As a sign of the evolving U.S. equity trading landscape, two startups and one options exchange operator plan to launch as many as three new exchange platforms in 2020, and a fourth could be waiting in...

22 Oct 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Viktor Kochetov

From infancy to maturity: professionalization of the crypto industry

It took some 200 years for traditional finance to become global and mature. What about crypto, where is it at? The hype wave has settled down, the fog dispersed and now we find ourselves in a trough o...

21 Oct 2019
Blockchain Observations
Retired Member

Global Trade Finance move to digital

Trade Finance is possibly the last cottage industry in financial services. Trade finance originally started out as a specialist area, often known as the International Department. There are similaritie...

09 Oct 2019
Transaction Banking
Ivy Schmerken

AI: Natural Language Processing and the Battle for Unstructured Data

With digital transformation in full swing, trading desks are inundated with emails, voice calls and chat to process and analyze. Most of this data needs to be captured, tagged and stored for regulator...

09 Sep 2019
Capital Markets Technology