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Tim Martin

Welcome to a virtual reality: how virtual accounts are transforming corporate banking

The modern banking landscape has changed fundamentally at the hand of digital transformation. Retail banking disruptors such as Monzo and Atom have ripped up the rule book on what effective banking lo...

31 Aug 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Bob Lyddon

Virtual Accounts and On behalf of payments raise major AML issues

We have issued another call to Wolfsberg Group, this time to make major changes to the section in their Payment Transparency Standards 2017 on “On behalf of” payments, and the related Virtual Accounts...

29 May 2018
Bob Lyddon

Euro Sovereign Bond-Backed Securities, an anagram for colossal stuffee

The EU has unveiled the awaited plan to create Sovereign Bond-Backed Securities or SBBS in Euro, supposedly “to encourage banks and investors to diversify their holdings of euro zone bonds”. The plan ...

24 May 2018
SEPA and European Payments
Bob Lyddon

Unicredit's Non-Performing Loans - deteriorating again, but you wouldn't know it from the publicity

Unicredit gave a "Capital Markets Day" in London on 12/12/17 and what an upbeat event it was, accompanied by a slidedeck full of green ticks and words like "signed" and "compl...

14 Dec 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Daniel Szmukler

Getting real with real-time payments

At EBAday 2017, speakers and delegates discussed the many accelerating changes affecting the traditional payments landscape today. One of the topics that attracted the most interest was the prospect o...

11 Sep 2017
Saloni Ramakrishna

AnaCredit - Is it One regulation or Many? A look at the impact of National variations.

It depends on who is answering that question. Really!! It is a single uniform regulation at the ECB (European Central Bank) level with clearly spelt our coverage. To ECB’s credit they have given compr...

31 Aug 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Richard Ransom

New players need old players to flourish

In recent years, there have been numerous headlines hailing the rise of a new breed of financial technology players and the downfall of incumbent banks. However, to what extent has this been the case ...

01 Aug 2017
Retired Member

Are You Falling Behind in the Race to Real-Time? How to Build Your Business Case for Immediate Payme

We’re beginning to see a divide in the payments industry, not just between incumbents and new players, but a sub-divide between banks themselves. Some traditional financial institutions have been able...

16 Jun 2017
Mark Ranta

Are Open APIs the Stairway to the New Payments Ecosystem?

Losing yourself in music is something that everyone should do at least once a day. The freedoms that it affords one’s mind cannot be understated. In my eclectic (and eternal) playlist, there is one so...

15 Jun 2017
Stacey Small

How large is micro?

When designing a software solution, ‘micro-services’ is one of today’s buzz words with which you need to be compliant to be cool. But what is a micro-service and what is the size of a micro-service? A...

02 Jun 2017
Digital Banking Trends
Stacey Small

PSD2 is fast approaching. Don’t bury your head in the sand

The PSD2 deadline is just seven months away, and we all know just how quickly time flies. Market feedback suggests that many financial institutions are still in the ‘reflection’ phase. So far, this ye...

19 May 2017
Mark Ranta

Heraclitus and the Future of Commercial Banking

Let’s clarify this before I lose anyone; the self-proclaimed “pioneer of wisdom,” noted Greek philosopher Heraclitus, is credited with the saying Panta rhei, "everything flows." More commonl...

12 May 2017
Futuristic Banking