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Vishwanath Thanalapatti

Data Analytics: As Good As the User

Numbers are more persuasive; visual representations gravitate bringing the ‘wow’ factor. All this is possible by the sophisticated tools of today that churn large amounts of data into nice beautiful ...

14 Dec 2018
Data Management 101
Peter Davidson

Cryptocurrency Markets Are in the Red - Does That Mean It’s Time to Get In?

Most investors have likely heard this sentiment from Warren Buffett at some point, but, as with most things, it’s often far easier said than done. The cryptocurrency markets have been taking a steep d...

14 Dec 2018
Personal Finance
James Eardley

What banks can do to engage with customers when they are neither selling nor solving a problem?

According to a research paper by Finextra and SAP Customer Experience, Engaging the Unengaged Customer, less than half (49%) of consumers agree that their banks work hard to engage them, and that they...

13 Dec 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Richard Collinson

Brexit: Why does the Irish border cause so many problems?

Would it make sense for the UK government to state that the Northern Ireland/Ireland border can stay open permanently on two conditions: 1. Ireland stays outside the Schengen Agreement and, 2. Ireland...

13 Dec 2018