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Maximiliaan Van De Poll

Deeper into Digital Identity - Ownership and Control

Another dive into digital identity, following on from two other pieces that aimed to define digital identity itself, and shed light on the importance surrounding the enrolment process. What I want to ...

12 Feb 2019
Online Banking
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

Deeper into Digital Identity - Enrolment

In my last article I tried to quickly define “digital identity” and point out important aspects to consider when implementing a national digital identity. I also looked to highlight just a few of the ...

12 Feb 2019
Online Banking
Anthony Pickup

What is holding back commercial eID services?

The recent article[1] about the UK governments attempts to facilitate eID for government services being handed to the private sector made me think what is holding the eID market back? With mobile pho...

08 Feb 2019
Ambrish Parmar

Addressing unmet banking needs

Time to read: 5 minutes to gain a different perspective On a wet Sunday afternoon, I finally got around to ‘sorting out’ the loft. In our home, the loft is a sanctuary for old memories, captured in th...

03 Feb 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Anna Milne

Design and deliver- creating an agile and secure ecosystem for data to drive open banking services

Data, cloud, security and networks are going to underpin the success of banking’s strategy in open banking, was the strong message at a recent roundtable event hosted by Finextra, in association with ...

28 Jan 2019
Open Banking
Mark Grainger

The need for a customer-centric bank

For financial services providers, the needs of their customers must be at the heart of their digital transformation. This is true for both fintechs looking to steal business from established players, ...

25 Jan 2019
Retired Member

Why we’re nowhere near delivering on PSD2’s bold ambition

One year on, the directive is yet to deliver on its promise and we’re nowhere near the vision that consumers were promised. PSD2 was the start of a seismic shift in the financial world. The legislat

24 Jan 2019
Online Banking
Kirsty Berry

Loyalty and banks: a marriage of convenience?

The results of a survey released by Valassis this week revealed that almost a third of US consumers don’t feel any loyalty to their bank, with 10% of respondents planning to switch their bank within a...

22 Jan 2019
Ambrish Parmar

How disruption ready are you?

Time to read: 5 minutes to gain a different perspective // The music of change // New Year blues fully banished, enthused for the year ahead – personal and professional bucket list refreshed. I am luc...

15 Jan 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Rory Yates

No credit should be given... credit cards. An area of financial services that seems to have largely missed the opportunities presented by digital and the experience economy. Instead opting for token gimmicks and sales ploy...

15 Jan 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Matthew Phillips

Why humans, not robots, hold the secret to digital banking

As commentators have been predicting for some time, the digital revolution and the increased connectivity of consumers is now changing the financial services sector profoundly. Technology is driving c...

10 Jan 2019
Andrew Beatty

What does 2019 have in store for UK Banking?

The turn of the year offers a perfect opportunity to review the past 12 months and to anticipate what might happen in the next 12. So, how was the past year for the UK banking and payments sector and ...

09 Jan 2019
Trends in Financial Services