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Duena Blomstrom

Spenders and Savers

Following my call for action of a few articles ago I’ve decided to do something about it. Since the industry won’t listen to me faster and set up new ways of studying how their customers truly feel ab...

18 Jul 2016
Paul Underwood

The quiet revolution of the loyalty key fob

Take a glance at your bunch of keys. In amongst ‘the usuals’ like the front door, the garage, the bike lock and the car keys, there’s fair chance that at least one plastic loyalty key fob has quietly ...

13 Jul 2016
Retired Member

Blockchain: Be Prepared

Just about every call I get from a bank lately seems to ask, “What should we be doing about blockchain?” It depends who’s asking. Traditional banks should be doing one thing, whilst fintechs another. ...

12 Jul 2016
Anish Kapoor

Automation, integration and smooth internal processes

It seems like madness that in most companies, functional departments such as finance, IT, sales and operations can be rigidly separated with their own targets, KPIs and systems. They need to focus on ...

12 Jul 2016
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Aamir Khan

Does PSD2 still matter to UK after Brexit

A lot has been written about Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) and there will be more in the coming months. The regulation has been pictured as disruptive. On one hand it paved the way for new entran...

11 Jul 2016
Robert Schneider

Corporates and compliance - avoid fines and reputational damage

Action against corporates by financial regulators demonstrating they are widening their focus and bringing corporates into the world of financial crime compliance is well documented. Non-compliance c...

08 Jul 2016
Nadish Lad

To on-board or not to on-board - that is the question

We recently attended two conferences within a space of four weeks - ACT 2016 at Liverpool and EBAday 2016 in Milan. A financial community family reunion to coin a phrase. The underlying theme at ACT ...

06 Jul 2016
Retired Member

Digital Banking and Looking Beyond Existing Channels

Why Digital, NOW? Banking industry is at crossroads There are tremendous expectations from banks to keep up with service experiences that are provided by retailers, online providers and other player...

06 Jul 2016
Retired Member

Bot in the Branch

As kids, we grew up with Giant Robot and Johnny Sokko, a TV series that captured the fantasy of an entire generation. We all loved to emulate Johnny’s voice commands to his watch, and the resultant ae...

06 Jul 2016
Retired Member

The main trends of development of the payment systems market.

When trying to define modern trends of the payment market in a few words, one could say that payments become: a) faster, b) safer, c) cheaper and d) easier. For example, payment by card in an online s...

06 Jul 2016
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Enhanced Remittance Data Could Multiply Electronic Fund Transfer Volumes

My property management company in UK wanted me to link the following information to my monthly rent payment: MCS MERIDIAN CLIENT ACCOUNT HOUSE RENT 98 MERIDIAN PLACE JUN 2008 There was no way I could ...

05 Jul 2016
Jim Steven

Trading across borders: a revelation and a compliance challenge

Smaller businesses are not always front of mind when you think about companies proactively broadening their global footprint. The internet has brought rich opportunities for businesses of all sizes t...

30 Jun 2016