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Charmaine Oak

Openness versus Certainty of regulations - What is more enabling?

Both openness and certainty are important to establishing what is termed as an “enabling” financial services(FS) regulatory environment. Firstly, what is an enabling regulatory environment? Just as pl...

21 Nov 2016
Retired Member

How to get the best out of your IT? Run it like a business

No one ever said running IT was an easy task – certainly not in recent times. In financial services (FS), this challenge is compounded by other issues facing the industry, particularly around innovati...

18 Nov 2016
Retired Member

How are charity CFOs keeping up with the changing payments landscape?

The term “cashless society” is bandied around a lot. While there’s little chance of physical currency becoming obsolete any time soon, there’s no doubt that the rapid adoption of digital payment metho...

18 Nov 2016
Alexander Mifsud

Are interchange economics the largest barrier to commercial card usage?

The benefits of commercial card payments seem clear enough. Buyers can streamline their Procure to Pay process, drive working capital benefits and access rich transactional data. Suppliers can improve...

18 Nov 2016
Richard Broadbent

Customer service for the technology obsessed

Digital technologies have been driving the evolution of customer service over the last few years and this is rapidly changing the way financial organisations, and their customers, think about customer...

17 Nov 2016
Enrico Camerinelli

Blockchain in the Supply Chain: Building the IT Stack

Blockchain-based applications developed by SCtech (pronounced “skytech”) players (i.e., software vendors dedicated to developing blockchain-based applications for supply chain management) are disperse...

17 Nov 2016
Financial Supply Chain
Retired Member

Real Benefits from Real-Time: Delivering Instant Payments in Europe

There has been a lot of talk about European instant payments With 2017 fast approaching, now is the time to look at practical delivery. We live in impatient times – everyone wants everything now. Dig...

17 Nov 2016
Retired Member

I'm afraid of Americans

It’s always cool when two different things come together to make you think. That’s exactly what happened on my commute this morning as I listened to David Bowie’s much-underrated album, Earthling. Jus...

16 Nov 2016
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

South Africa and Blockchain: changing the face of Africa

Next week we are leaving the Netherlands for a three-and-a–half week trip to South Africa. A yearly returning and exiting event across this intriguing country and their neighbors. Being a regular blog...

15 Nov 2016
Raj Singh


BANKS - AN INFORMATION AND DATA ANALYTICS HUB Banks are storing valuable customer data since decades but they have never harnessed the same. The data which is lying in every bank is nothing less tha...

15 Nov 2016
Rob De Dominicis

Financial wellbeing crucial to personal wellbeing

A study by Barclays on financial wellbeing in the workplace found that almost half of us (46%) worry about money and for one in five it affects our sleep and our performance at work. Clearly our perso...

15 Nov 2016
Dan Frechtling

What Happens When RegTech Becomes De-RegTech?

President-elect Trump’s victory has been called everything from black-swan to white-lash. He is a question mark, especially with regard to financial institutions (FI) policies. Trump’s advisors are ...

14 Nov 2016