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Robert Siciliano

Task Force Surprises Registered Sex Offenders

While information security is always top of mind, my first passion has always been personal security. There always has been, is, and always will be predators stalking their prey. Unfortunately this is...

22 Sep 2009
Robert Siciliano

Criminal Hackers Get to Momma and DaDa Via Children

I’m particularly irate about this. There’s criminal hackers, then there’s complete lowlife scumbag criminal hackers that hack children. InternetNews reports hackers took over sections of the ...

20 Sep 2009
Robert Siciliano

Carders, Dumps, and Identity Theft

Albert Gonzalez and his gang of criminal hackers, were responsible for data breaches in retailers and payment processors with some estimates saying they breached over 230 million records combined. Gon...

19 Sep 2009
Robert Siciliano

Liars Cons and Scammers: How to Recognize Them

We talk about criminal hackers, scammers and bold face conmen like they are mysterious creatures from the twilight zone. While they are certainly interesting and mythical creatures, fundamentally the

18 Sep 2009
Uri Rivner

RSA Spots a New 'Chat in the Middle' Attack!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, cyber criminals come up with some jaw dropping social engineering trick that demonstrates their ability to innovate and adapt. RSA FraudAction Lab discovered an...

17 Sep 2009
Innovation in Financial Services
Robert Siciliano

Couples Online Bank Account Hacked Leads to Identity Theft

In 2007, a U.S. couple fell victim to identity theft when a criminal accessed their online bank account and stole $26,500 from a home equity credit line. The money was transferred to an Austrian bank ...

16 Sep 2009
Robert Siciliano

Cybersquatting Leads to Identity Theft

Ever click on a link in an email or while browsing online, and something just wasn’t right? The domain name in the address bar was off by a letter or two? Or a word was misspelled? Maybe there was a n...

12 Sep 2009
Robert Siciliano

Preventing Card-Skimming Identity Theft

Skimming is one of the financial industry’s fastest-growing crimes, according to the U.S. Secret Service. The worldwide ATM Industry Association reports over $1 billion in annual global losses from c

10 Sep 2009
Steven Murdoch

Which? survey of online banking security

Today Which? released their survey of online banking security. The results are summarized in their press release and the full article is in the September edition of “Which? Computing”. The article f...

09 Sep 2009
Robert Siciliano

Credit Card Identity Theft Concerns Trump Terrorism

A recent Unisys study found that, in the midst of the global financial crisis, American's primary fear is credit and debit card fraud. 68% of those surveyed are extremely or very concerned about the ...

09 Sep 2009
Retired Member

Oracle's offerings and integration vs. prioritization

This week Oracle announced the release of a cross-channel fraud management capability for bank's that draws on the database company's intregrated real-time capabilities. This is a step in the strategi...

04 Sep 2009
Robert Siciliano

Another Identity Theft Ring Busted

The feds are getting better at busting criminals every day. Seventeen criminals, many from Eastern Europe, pilfered more than 95,000 stolen credit card numbers and $4 million worth of fraudulent tran

04 Sep 2009