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Retired Member

Where were the security experts on the DNS flaw?

Underperforming Security Vendors I know, I try to give it to you gently but someone has to ask. Chris Skinner described it as 'massive' and he was understating it. The latest 'revelation' - a decade l...

07 Aug 2008
Retired Member

Security flaws on bank sites - no surprise.

The University of Michigan study comes to similar conclusions to our own study - most banks have serious problems. What can I say? There's the easy way and the hard way and it appears are a multitude ...

23 Jul 2008
Online Banking
Paul Penrose

Attack of the clones: NXP gets short shrift from Dutch court

NXP's attempts to block publication of a research paper detailing alleged security weaknesses in the Mifare chips used in Transport for London's Oyster smart cards has backfired somewhat. The manufact...

21 Jul 2008
Paul Penrose

Bank puts user PCs into quarantine

Australian credit union BCU has taken a novel approach to online banking security by scanning customer PCs at the point of log-in for security weaknesses. Given Pete's rather scary post yesterday on ...

16 Jul 2008
Retired Member

Unpatched Windows PCs hacked in four minutes

Disturbing reading on The Register about the amount of time it takes for an unpatched Windows PC to be compromised simply by being connected to the internet - such as you might do when setting up a ma...

15 Jul 2008
Nick Collin

Remote Chip Authentication success story

The news that users of Barclays' PINSentry device have experienced zero fraud is a powerful endorsement of Remote Chip Authentication (RCA) and an important milestone in the adoption of this approach ...

10 Jul 2008
Uri Rivner

Limbo Dancing in the House of Lords

The UK's House of Lords is calling on the government to make banks legally responsible for losses incurred by customers through electronic fraud ( That...

09 Jul 2008
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis
Retired Member

data breach notice flood

Data breach notices have a scalability problem. As the number of notices soars, we need to better define what is a serious breach and what is not. Otherwise, the public drowns in breach notices, many...

08 Jul 2008
Retired Member

Oyster researchers face legal action

If you recall a few days ago there was some discussion around a vulnerability in the Mifare chip - well things are hotting up a bit with the chipmaker taking the University to court to stop the resea...

08 Jul 2008
Paul Penrose

Humble pie on menu in Daily Mail staff canteen

Egg on face time for executives of Associated Newspapers. The publisher of UK tabloid the Daily Mail has admitted that a laptop containing financial and personal details of thousands of staff, suppli...

07 Jul 2008
Elton Cane

Massive ATM fraud in the US - who is to blame?

The UK daily newspapers and newswires are today picking up on an ongoing case in the US involving system breaches, thousands of stolen PIN numbers, card cloning and money laundering. We've been follo...

03 Jul 2008
Information Security
Retired Member

UK is top destination for 419 scams

The United Kingdom is the most targetted country for 419 scams - those pesky emails which offer millions of pounds after a few minor up-front arrangement fees. Almost a quarter of all Nigerian 419 sca...

02 Jul 2008