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Janne Jutila

My identity is my money

Dictum meum pactum “My word is my bond” was the motto for trading in London Stock Exchange since 18:th century. If you made a verbal agreement, you backed it up with your money. Something similar is...

11 Feb 2019
Scott Cutler

The Cyberthreat Trends the Financial Sector Needs to Follow

By Scott Cutler, Director, Sales - UK&I MAM at Fortinet For cybercriminals, a successful cyberattack has the potential to bring significant financial gain. Capitalising on the theft of informa

30 Jan 2019
Financial Risk Management
Kevin Day

Top tips for financial institutions looking to address fraud in invoice financing

Despite new technologies and processes aiming to help root out fraudulent activity, fraud continues to be a major issue for the asset-based finance (ABF) industry. Only last year UK-based invoice fina...

29 Jan 2019
Ketharaman Swaminathan

At Least Paper Documents Are Exposed Only One At A Time!

A banker quit his job and started a new company. He applied for a debit card for his company’s bank account. Ram, as we'll call the ex-banker, completed the required forms, submitted his company's boa...

28 Jan 2019
Robert Siciliano

How To Determine a Fake Website

There are a lot of scammers out there, and one of the things they do is create fake websites to try to trick you into giving them personal information. Here are some ways that you can determine if a w...

22 Jan 2019
Patrick Bermingham

Invoicing in the IoT: why connections are key to maximising business value

Start-ups and established companies alike are increasingly interested in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), but many are missing a trick when it comes to payments. Businesses face many challeng...

17 Jan 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Sadra Boutorabi

Top 8 Payment Authentication Tools for 2019

The internet and mobile economy have been going through a boom in the last few years. As a result, the online identity authentication industry is growing and evolving quickly. Effective identity verif...

15 Jan 2019
Robert Siciliano

Should You Worry About Contactless Credit Card NFC Skimming

If you have a contactless card, you might have worries about skimming. A contactless card or “frictionless” or “tap and go” is a card that has technology in it that allows payment over secure wireless...

09 Jan 2019
Jim Steven

International data breach readiness: the importance of an effective plan

Delivering an excellent customer experience is what sets businesses apart from their competitors and is an essential service for every business. Thinking further afield, it is also important for glob...

08 Jan 2019