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Claus Christensen

The role of RegTech in fostering trust in digital consumer banking

Over the last few years, the success of so-called digital and challenger banks has depended largely on their ability to market themselves as “different”. An increasing number of retail customers have ...

15 Mar 2019
Disruption in Retail Banking
Barley Laing

Why delivering personalised communications is a must in financial services

Study after study highlights personalisation is what consumers increasingly expect from the brands they engage with. For example, research from Epsilon reveals that 80 per cent of consumers are more l...

13 Mar 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Monica Hovsepian

Pulling an Uber: Customer experience in Financial Services

BAI white paper puts omni-channel experience top of the CIO agenda Brands like Velcro and Kleenex have become so much a part of people’s lives that they are now used as universal references for all pr...

12 Mar 2019
Ambrish Parmar

How to fly a kite in a hurriane - Banking Strategy

Flying a kite in a hurricane // Creating space to play // Flying a kite is all about watching out for the right conditions and making agile adjustments along the way, taking into consideration wind an...

04 Mar 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Matthew Phillips

Personal financial management services - the next frontier in banking?

Do you carry your bank around in your pocket? There’s no denying that the digital environment has altered the relationship between bank and customer forever – the bank needs to always be on, and if yo...

01 Mar 2019
Andrew Beatty

Nuts and Bolts: Process Automation and Digital Banking Experiences

Like nuts and bolts, automated processes and decision making must be “part and parcel” to securing and delivering frictionless digital customer experiences in the banking delivery model of today (and ...

28 Feb 2019
Disruption in Retail Banking
Rik Coeckelbergs

Winning PSD2: Amazon, the Chinese, or just your own familiar bank?

By Rik Coeckelbergs PSD2, the new regulation that will open up retail banking… another regulation that triggers very little attention of the average man/woman on the street. Consumers start getting a...

27 Feb 2019
Open Banking
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

Are banks about to make a mistake using OTPs via SMS?

We’re all well aware that passwords are indeed all but useless at this stage, some have been aware for longer, some more aware of the threats, but I think we’re all there: passwords are not sufficient...

26 Feb 2019
Information Security
Chris Andrews

Catering to the anytime, anywhere, anything retail consumer: The challenges

Retail eCommerce was a fairly simple operation ten years ago; most retailers’ websites offered a small range of products with long lead times, local delivery and postal returns. Payments were for the ...

21 Feb 2019
Digital Banking Trends
Retired Member

FinTech Revolution: Not there yet

As the month of March draws nearer, there is bound to be a lot of discussion about gender diversity, so I wanted to get an early start writing on one of my favourite topics. And boom, while listening ...

19 Feb 2019
Women in FinTech
Andrew Beatty

Banking Process Automation Hits Its Stride

The Gartner "Hype Cycle" has long been a good way to look at capabilities and think of whether we are in the early days, in the hype, when a new technology has promise but the standards and ...

14 Feb 2019
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

Are biometrics really the way for 2FA?

I have some concerns around the use of biometrics for online authentication. I know I’m not the only one, and my thoughts are probably not original, but I’m going to need some convincing before I star...

12 Feb 2019