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Scott Cutler

Protecting Financial Services from the Risks of Mobile Payments

The financial services sector is a high-value target for hackers, and therefore faces daily attacks that attempt to bypass defences protecting a growing number of attack vectors. A staggering 36 per

05 Oct 2018
Transaction Banking
Dean Wallace

Open Banking and the Evolution of Digital Payments

Open Banking is shaking up the financial services sector and opening up new avenues and opportunities for both banks and payment service providers (PSPs). The open API ecosystems that are emerging are...

05 Oct 2018
Open Banking
Retired Member

How To Manage Corporate Travel And Employee Expenses

Corporate Travel and Expense (T&E) is a hot topic in the FinTech world, as companies are looking to solve problems associated with expense reports, employee spending, and reimbursement. According ...

03 Oct 2018
Alison Wilkes

The mainframe evolution: Banking still needs workhorse tech

In the financial services industry, where IT systems are high-volume and mission-critical, news of Big Iron’s ‘big crisis’ is greatly exaggerated, at least for now. It’s true that in today’s digital f...

02 Oct 2018
Greg Nilson

Bitcoin will start being used more often. What will change?

About 32% of the current cryptocurrency offering is held on personal wallets, after long-term investors sold approximately $24 billion of bitcoin to new speculators between December 2017 and April 20

25 Sep 2018
Personal Finance
Miloslav Hoschek

How Many Lumps of Sugar for a Blockchain coffee?

by Miloslav Hoschek, PhD., e-Silk Road, NGO ECB as a First Lump of Sugar in a Blockchain coffee The blockchain technology is destroying infrastructure of existing systems with no intermediates an...

24 Sep 2018
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Craig Ramsey

What's next for SWIFT gpi and cross-border real-time payments?

SWIFT gpi poses many opportunities for banks. Like any technology, the rate of change is accelerating, making it critical that banks keep pace with the market and with their competition. In 2018, as d...

24 Sep 2018
SWIFT Matters
Myles Dawson

Close more sales with the right payment methods

After the recent struggles of many retail stalwarts, much has been made about the death of the British high street. But the ONS’ retail sales index shows that 82% of all sales still take place in stor...

18 Sep 2018
Retired Member

Pain but no gain

Whilst it is easy to “mourn” the loss of US$600bn in cryptocurrencies “value”, let’s pause there for a second. All the money in the world is backed by nothing but “full faith and credit” of the gover...

18 Sep 2018
Blockchain Observations
Bo Harald

It is only a question of time

It is only a question of time before all e-invoices, e-receipts, and payments are effected in Real Time - in standardised structured form. Why does it not happen faster? EU has been driving e-invoicin...

15 Sep 2018
Disruption in Retail Banking
Bob Lyddon

Another week at New Payment System Operator and another I cannot BELIEVE it moment or three

New Payment System Operator never fails to disappoint in terms of its governance and processes. Three Victor Meldrew moments in one week – that is a new record. Firstly we have an announcement that Lo...

14 Sep 2018
Banking Architecture
Maximilian Nenning

Why Work With Fintechs: 4 Reasons

“What Ze Tech?” Over 92% of German citizens have never heard of the term “Fintech”, according to a survey from explorare. Probably, a result of not having the full exposure and legacy of traditional b...

12 Sep 2018