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Venkatesh P

Moving ahead in Fintech landscape-A Ready reckoner for CFOs

In my last post I outlined the emerging role of Fintechs and what CFOs need to be cognizant of while operating in a marketplace influenced by Fintechs. Needless to say, the role of CFOs have become cr...

09 Aug 2016
David Donovan

Procurement in Financial Services: From Fight to Delight

How Procurement can play a strategic role in outcome based models for financial services. The speed and complexity of businesses and their dependency on agile external partners continues to accelera...

08 Aug 2016
Graham Seel

Innovation Basics for Community Banks and Credit Unions

“We must innovate!” Are you sick of hearing this yet? Are you focused on revenue growth, expense management and the increasing burden of regulatory compliance? If so, innovation may be the furthest t

05 Aug 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Richard Broadbent

Converting seamless customer experience to customer loyalty

In response to the increasing demands of today’s always connected consumer, the term customer experience has become more than a simple buzzword. Used as a key brand differentiator for all types of ind...

04 Aug 2016
Retired Member

How To Stop Being Squeezed At Both Ends - Digital Transformation In Smaller Banks

The banking industry still has a black eye - but it’s more painful for some than others. Lasting repercussions from the global crisis, the emergence of non-banking digital disruptors, and impatient, t...

02 Aug 2016
Shyam Khandelwal

Loan against Smartphones - Can it be a reality ?

Background on Smartphones market dynamics IN the recent years, mobile phones have turned out to be one of the best inventions by men. Today, its difficult to think about life without a mobile phone in...

30 Jul 2016
Duena Blomstrom

Breaking news: Experts say you can save instead of spending!

Just as I was about to move away from my tentative foray in the psychology of saving I was exploring the other week, my eye was caught by a Google alert about a newspaper article that rapidly brought ...

26 Jul 2016
Alex Bray

Bank of Pikachu? What does Pokemon Go mean for banking?

You cannot have missed the latest craze for Pokémon Go. Hordes of zombified individuals are wandering around your city, staring at their mobile devices. They are hunting for Pokémon. These ‘pocket mo...

25 Jul 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Manish Grover

Reaching escape velocity for P2P payments

The Peer to Peer (P2P) payments space is accelerating in the Fintech age. More and more companies are addressing the consumers' problems from multiple angles. 1. First, there are the traditional payme...

24 Jul 2016
Duena Blomstrom

Spenders and Savers

Following my call for action of a few articles ago I’ve decided to do something about it. Since the industry won’t listen to me faster and set up new ways of studying how their customers truly feel ab...

18 Jul 2016
Retired Member

Chief digital officers can bring innovation, but the company has to get behind their ideas

The number of companies employing a chief digital officer (CDO) to drive their technological development is soaring, and the financial services sector is getting in on the act. With a real understandi...

15 Jul 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Alex Noble

What does HSBC’s adoption of voice biometrics tell us about trends in identity, customers and contac

Wanting a change from Brexit articles (too many of them are just too much speculation), I was looking back at some of the news stories from earlier in the year that I’d meant to blog on but hadn’t man...

14 Jul 2016
Innovation in Financial Services