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What internet retailers need to know about Google’s recent webspam report

For years, Google has worked to provide users with relevant, interesting content through its search engine. Its ranking algorithm inspects websites based on timeliness and quality, and not necessarily...

08 Aug 2016
Bo Harald

Payment statistics out - strong growth in innovative services

Bank of Finland payment statistics 2015 out - better late than never.. (anybody seen similar figures from other countries - and better if compared to population, number of enterprises and GDP..)? htt...

05 Aug 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Bacs Payments - a lifeline to those who aren't ready

As most organisations should be aware, the deadline for businesses to make sure they were compatible with new payment security measures (TLS and SHA-256) has been extended after around 1,000 companies...

04 Aug 2016
Retired Member

A Fraction Too Much Friction?

‘Frictionless Banking’ and what it means to Financial Services ‘Frictionless Banking’ is one of those industry terms that feels like it has already become a cliché. In reality, it has become a more im...

02 Aug 2016
Retired Member

If payday loans can be cheaper than unarranged overdraft borrowing what does it mean for banks?

Ask people which is the more expensive way of borrowing £100 – a payday loan or going overdrawn at their bank and most would probably say the payday loan. People’s perception of payday lenders is one ...

02 Aug 2016
Dean Wallace

Saying NO to card payments loses customers. Obvious, you'd have thought

It's a lovely summer day in York, UK. Well not really, as it's the UK and in the North, but put that to one side. "Let's hire a boat and take the kids on the river" - what a great idea! Ok, ...

31 Jul 2016
Retired Member

How the right credit card processing partner eases payment security burdens

Most credit card processing companies detail how they're a Payment Card Industry Level 1 service provider, meaning they adhere to the highest requirements of the PCI Data Security Standards. This so...

28 Jul 2016
Retired Member

The Impact of Brexit on International Business Payments

Many businesses are still reeling from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. It invites the question as to if, where and how Brexit will impact the way their UK businesses manage and process ...

27 Jul 2016
Vinod Sharma

What is FinTech and where does it Live?

Abstract – A few years back, I had a fascinating discussion about Fintech. Today every 3rd if not 4th profile on LinkedIn is about FinTech Expert. Few days ago someone asked me a million dollar questi...

26 Jul 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
David Andrzejek

Five key recommendations for Open Banking success

Recently, we hosted the Open Banking Summit 2016 in London. The event was designed for financial services executives to gain advice and insight on how to jump-start the execution of their Open Banking...

25 Jul 2016
Manish Grover

Reaching escape velocity for P2P payments

The Peer to Peer (P2P) payments space is accelerating in the Fintech age. More and more companies are addressing the consumers' problems from multiple angles. 1. First, there are the traditional payme...

24 Jul 2016
Richard Warren

Will Blockchain Based Remittance Struggle to Deliver?

A recent report from Citi’s Equities Research team challenges the widely held view that Bitcoin delivers simpler and cheaper international remittances. While the analysis highlights some key Bitcoin...

18 Jul 2016