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Robert Siciliano

7 Social Media Security Tips To Protect Your Business

Your employee's online life could open your business to some serious dangers. Many small businesses recognize the benefits of having a social media presence for customer service and long-term market...

24 Mar 2014
Robert Siciliano

Privacy is more than locking your Doors

There are 10 distinct meanings of privacy. Protecting Reputation You’ve heard of money management, right? Well, there’s also reputation management. There’s a difference between having facts about a ...

22 Mar 2014
Robert Siciliano

Ransomware demands Dollars for Data

“Ransomware” is what holds data hostage by invading one’s computer when the user clicks on a malicious link in an e-mail or downloads an infected attachment. Visiting a fraudulent web site can also tr...

21 Mar 2014
Robert Siciliano

Top Security Techniques That Work For The Masters

Banks know security just about better than anyone. Find out what they can teach you about safeguarding your small business. Security is a journey, not a destination. This is a security industry axio...

18 Mar 2014
Robert Siciliano

Kim Kardashian’s Identity Theft Case cracked

Never underestimate the brains of a young guy who still lives with his mother—at least not the case of 19-year-old Luis Flores, Jr., who was smart enough to steal the identities of Kim Kardashian and ...

05 Mar 2014
Robert Siciliano

The Definitive Guide to Facebook Security

Social media is permeating every facet of our lives. It is extremely important to understand security and privacy settings with so much personal information becoming so accessible. Here is the definit...

27 Feb 2014
Robert Siciliano

Scammers Use Craigslist to steal identities

I have a growing family. Camping is on my list of family events. The wife isn’t crazy about tents. So I went on Craigslist looking for a second hand camper. I found a $15,000 camper for $2200.00. A pr...

21 Feb 2014
Robert Siciliano

Is your Phone being tracked?

The owner of your favorite restaurant may be tracking your every move—via your smartphone. Not because he’s a snoop, but because he believes knowing when and where you go for entertainment will benefi...

15 Feb 2014
Robert Siciliano

FTC: Tech Support Scams are baaaaack!

They’re back, and they’re scarier than fangy blood sucking ghosts: tech support scammers. They want to suck you dry of your last penny. A tech support scam may go as follows: You receive a call from...

05 Feb 2014
Robert Siciliano

Why Should You Care About a Site's Privacy Policy

Most websites should have a privacy policy (although I don’t think it’s always the easiest thing to find). And then once you do find it, you’ll see a huge amount of what I consider to be legal mumbo j...

01 Feb 2014
Robert Siciliano

It's Data Privacy Day, and It's a Mess

Target continues to be tangled up in chains due to its December 2013 data breach that current estimates say affected 110 million customers. Target is known as proficient and prolific in the use of m...

28 Jan 2014
Robert Siciliano

5 technology tips to navigate winter travel

Being stuck at an airport due to winter weather can be a real downer, but with an assortment of devices, apps and other instruments for connecting to the world, you can make that down time pass in a j...

22 Jan 2014