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Patrick Chambeau

How is the Italian crisis impacting the trading floor?

Earlier this week, I was in Paris speaking to Traders, Heads of Desks and other people on the floor from various part of the financial ecosystem in France and Europe overall: institutional investors, ...

01 Jun 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Tayloe Draughon

Getting Started in Algorithmic Trading Includes Overcoming Common Problems

Many people have attempted to become the next great trader. They try assets like cryptocurrencies, or futures, or options and soon find out that it isn’t as easy as they originally thought. They run i...

29 May 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
Ivy Schmerken

Equity Market Innovation Leads to Venue Proliferation

Several startups are planning to launch either new venues or order types, and even listing standards, to solve problems in US equity trading. At last month’s SIFMA Equity Market Structure conference, ...

25 May 2018
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

The market for market data

It’s no secret that financial services organisations are in a generation of change, committing to dramatic transformation programmes, not only to survive but to pave a stable future for themselves and...

18 May 2018
Ivy Schmerken

SEC Steers Pilot on Equity Trading Fees and Rebates Amid Headwinds

Diving into one of the more controversial issues in equity market structure, U.S. regulators are moving forward with the transaction-fee pilot that will force stock exchanges to lower the fee caps on ...

07 May 2018
Financial Services Regulation
Breana Patel

How Important is Enterprise Risk Management ?

Enterprise Risk Management. Arguably the largest evolutionary change in risk management for financial institutions has been the elevation of the risk management function to a key role in firm manage

19 Apr 2018
Operational Risk Management
Robin Mess

Winning business by navigating through the new liquidity landscape

MiFID II offers a fresh start for business relationships in capital markets. By reframing the way in which dealers and trading venues seek to manage and match client trades it is implicitly changing w...

10 Apr 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Retired Member

Changing of the guard?

This week has seen Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters lose market share in the highly valued market data arena. Market data is the lifeblood for every trader, and for decades Bloomberg and Reuters have own...

26 Mar 2018
Contributed Data
Retired Member

Is the DVC a ban in disguise?

If you had asked me last year what the actual impact of the double volume cap (DVC) would be, I would have said that it’s ridiculously complex to operate but wouldn’t matter all that much because it w...

08 Mar 2018
Lee Campbell

Trader: Alexa, do you want to come to work with me?

Conversation-as-a-Service meets the trading floor The way we interact with computers has continually evolved from punch cards, command line interfaces and keyboards, the introduction of the mouse and ...

07 Mar 2018
Innovation in Financial Services
Breana Patel

Blockchain in Capital Markets

How Blockchain Technology Helps With Trade Reporting With the interconnectivity of the global capital markets, U.S. multinational financial institutions must report to not only U.S. regulators but mus...

01 Mar 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Ivy Schmerken

Artificial Intelligence Gains Momentum: From Machine Learning to Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence has quickly evolved from science fiction to digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri learning about our daily lives. A.I. applications are interpreting MRIs and will soon be o...

01 Mar 2018
Capital Markets Technology