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Retired Member

UK FinTech: Life after Brexit

Eight weeks ago I wrote Part 1 of this post called #Brexit good for UK #FinTech and got an overwhelming response - mostly abuse! 😫? I had to double check my post to make sure I hadn't inadvertently ...

25 Jun 2016
Retired Member

Brexit: Possible Impacts on the UK Payments Market

Following Britain’s momentous decision to leave the European Union our thoughts must inevitably turn to the potential impact on UK consumer payments. In this blog we provide some early thoughts on how...

24 Jun 2016
Ralf Ohlhausen

Brexit: a body blow for UK fintech?

With less than one day to the UK referendum on whether to remain in the European Union, debate on the potential impact of Brexit is intensifying. While some of the recent campaigning directed at voter...

22 Jun 2016
Retired Member

Fintech, 1872 and the B-word

I recently attended the FIA’s IDX conference in London and it was notable how many of the panel sessions centred on one particular topic. The kick-off panel for example, traditionally a big audienc...

15 Jun 2016
Nigel Farmer

Don’t let Regulation Choke Innovation

This year’s FIA IDX International Derivative Expo kicked off with a pointed note of caution to regulators from FIA’s president and CEO Walt Lukken. He said that the industry is facing some real challe...

15 Jun 2016
John Doyle

Want to know a secret about the referendum?

Before I answer, let me ask you if you’ve noticed like me that the European Commission has gone very quiet about the referendum. Cameron has stepped up the rhetoric but is not putting anything new on...

31 May 2016
Trends in Financial Services
Alicia Ngomo

Brexit and the problem of precedents

I had never yet pronounced myself about Brexit. Firstly because I realise this is a decision for the people of Britain to make, but also because in a way I am not partial to the decision. As a Spanish...

30 May 2016
Retired Member

Major trends point to an interesting time ahead for asset managers

The asset management industry has undergone fundamental change in recent years amid increased regulations, geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility, to list just a few of the challenges faced. T...

05 May 2016
Retired Member

Brexit good for UK FinTech

Behind closed doors in a small office, off an nondescript corridor, in a rather large building on Rue Wiertz in Brussels, Belgium a hushed conversation took place last month. Shortly afterwards a pie...

03 May 2016
Bo Harald

Nudging is not enough

When making innovation happen - getting the next individual to move to something better (digital) - we need to look at the full toolbox. The starting point is that too many citizens continue behaving ...

27 Apr 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Will a Brexit kill Britain’s fastest growing industry?

George Osborne hopes to make London a fintech leader, but the Brexit threatens the industry’s survival. Why would Britain champion this booming industry only to destroy it? Modern politics is all abou...

04 Apr 2016
Retired Member

A possible UK exit from the EU means less regulatory burden; or does it?

As we progress through 2016, the regulatory landscape is being shaped by many new or emerging initiatives. It is sometimes easy to forget that the initial start to all this was political, generally in...

18 Mar 2016