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Ron Delnevo

Billions of UK cash went missing in 2018....

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) - a trade association which represents 80% of Big Box UK retailers – published some survey data on UK payments last week. Basically, the BRC research estimated that...

27 Sep 2019
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

Gartner and Blockchain: the Good, the Bad and the ....

Last year Gartner, the high-standard research institute, painted a rather realistic scenario for blockchain. In one of its research papers, Gartner stated that its latest technology hype cycle puts bl...

27 Sep 2019
Blockchain Observations
Konstantin Rabin

Australia! The refuge of every Asian fintech company for the future

Far East Asia is slowly but surely becoming quite a heated market especially after the bastion of commerce, Hong Kong had to go through months of protesting and a display of political issues. The prot...

27 Sep 2019
Julien Rey

Disruption in the repo markets

The US repo market took center stage last Tuesday, September 17 when a confluence of factors temporarily slowed down banks' cash spigots and drove overnight repo rates to as high as 10%, which led the...

26 Sep 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Sarah Jackson

Will real rates loan searches ever be available to the sub-prime market?

Let’s talk about representative APRs. Those enticing little percentages that influence a consumer’s decision to apply for one loan product over another. Far too often excitement turns to disappointmen...

26 Sep 2019
Gil Shefi

She or he who masters the DATA masters FRTB

“Data is King” has become an idiomatic phrase. Banks have an abundance of data, but the recent fines levied by the FCA against prominent UK banks for their failure to accurately report transactions un...

26 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations
Tapan Agarwal

Digital Transaction Banking SIBOS 2019 draws to a close....

On the first day of Sibos My Transaction Banker gave to me A current account and OD facility On the second day of Sibos My Transaction Banker gave to me Two virtual accounts And A current account and...

26 Sep 2019
Transaction Banking
Yahya Mohamed Mao

What is the role of IoT in Smart Cities?

In general, the term IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the rapidly growing number of digital devices – the quantity is now billions – these devices can communicate and interact with others over the n...

26 Sep 2019
Going green
Ian Johnson

Virtual Card Technology is Powering a Lending Revolution

In the last decade, the lending industry has grown and diversified massively. New business models have evolved, and alternative lenders have entered the market creating competition in a space previous...

25 Sep 2019
Analytics in Banking
Keith Stonell

How to Find the Ideal Insurtech Mate in a Jungle of Options

As the Indian summer comes to a close, and I prepare for our global user conference I have been reflecting on the insurtech market once again. Perhaps something people missed was the Willis Towers Wat...

25 Sep 2019
Eli Taranto

Breaking the Taboo About Offshore Banking

Offshore banking has always carried an air of subversion about it, but following the release of the Panama Papers in 2016 the industry was catapulted into an entirely new and highly critical light. Si...

25 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations
Mike Kiser

Strong Customer Authentication: The Potential and Peril of Biometric Authentication

As I strode quickly off the plane I had taken back to the US and towards customs recently after an international trip, I reached into my satchel. Like the rest of humanity, I did not want to spend any...

25 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations