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Koen Vanpraet

How to fight back against Covid-19 scams

Online crime gangs were quick to capitalise on Coronavirus. So much so that almost 3% of global spam is estimated to be Covid-19 related, according to internet security company Sophos, and 36% of peop...

18 Jun 2020
David Haran

Bank of England and the Beano

Recvently the Bank of England has announced that a programme called Money and Me will be launched in July. Governor Andrew Bailey hopes that it will help teachers aid their students in becoming more ...

17 Jun 2020
Financial Literacy for Kids
Ciaran Chu

COVID-19: Why now is the time for banks to think about a more agile, cloud-based approach

We are currently experiencing one of the most difficult times in recent memory. The impact on our lives, including our financial lives, has been profound. However, once the storm passes, there will be...

17 Jun 2020
Hannes Van Rensburg

The versatility of chat as a commerce channel

We truly live in a digital world. I can think of only a handful of things that we spend our time on that is not digital. For the rest, we are dependent on digital devices to interact with our world. N...

17 Jun 2020
Sunil Jhamb

How to build and grow your payments business

The payments market opportunity Ecommerce is big business. Emarketer has predicted that global ecommerce sales will reach $5 trillion by 2021, following sustained annual growth rates of more than 20%....

17 Jun 2020
The Payments Business
Joshua Frith

Overcoming the unique challenges of finance marketing

Content marketing for finance brands isn’t the same as content marketing for other brands - it comes with its own unique challenges that need to be overcome. The first of these is the popular percepti...

17 Jun 2020
Marketing in Financial Services
Joris Lochy

A gift voucher - It’s all about the story telling

In a time of real-time, instant payments, it is strange to see that companies providing pre-paid gift vouchers are still massively being created and continue to grow. At first sight buying such a gift...

16 Jun 2020
The future of Payments in Europe
Tobias Ferdenzi

COVID-19: Time to collect and recover?

Evolution and opportunities – what will be forthcoming in the collections and recoveries ecosystem? In the current situation, some individuals and businesses who ordinarily would not have had cash-flo...

16 Jun 2020
Adam Holden

Will Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Still Apply After Brexit?

On the 31st December 2020, the UK will complete its transition period to leave the European Union (EU), with or without a trade deal agreement in place. Whilst we anticipate that Brexit will affect re...

15 Jun 2020
Jim Craig

3 Steps to Keep and Grow Your Digital Customers

Beyond the pandemic and the economic tsunami it has caused, there are some parts of the financial industry that will never go back to the way things were. And the one that sticks out the most is how t...

15 Jun 2020
Marketing in Financial Services
Konstantin Rabin

Will financial trading companies benefit the most from the lockdown?

The world is facing an absolutely unprecedented crisis. The year 2020 started off with sad news of a major virus outbreak in China’s Hubei province. Home to over 58 million people, the region soon was...

13 Jun 2020
Charlotte W.

Video KYC: A Big Step towards Digitalization

A commonly heard term in the banking industry is KYC (Know Your Customer). KYC is the process or step in which there is an assessment of the customers’ profile. It evaluates the risk of the customers ...

13 Jun 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation