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Richard Miller

Crossing the trust boundary with DLT pt2: The Company

In the last article, “Crossing the trust boundary with DLT pt1: Consortiums”, I looked at some fairly well understood topics on the trust model of consortiums. In this article I will explore how Dist...

26 Nov 2018
Blockchain Observations
Ashish Goyal

AngularJS or ReactJs: Which one to choose?

ReactJS and AngularJS have been the most grounded contenders in the domain of the JavaScript framework. Regularly designers continue battling among the frameworks to build up an adaptable arrangement....

26 Nov 2018
Bob Lyddon

The curious incident of company No. 11536954 - Limited, founded three months ago Ltd was founded three months ago (on 25th August 2018) as a company limited by guarantee no. 11536594 and registered to 2 Thomas More Square, London. Is that a surprise to you? It might be. On ...

26 Nov 2018
Transaction Banking
Enrico Camerinelli

Blockchain and e-mails

<<Do we really need this blockchain? From what we see from current projects it looks like we could do the same with the technologies already in use.>> I get these and other objections from...

25 Nov 2018
Blockchain Observations
Romal Almazo

Crypto Asset, UK Regulatory update, Nov 2018

UK CRYPTO ASSET REGULATORY UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2018 by Romal Almazo On Tuesday 20 November, City & Financial hosted an event on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in London. In this blog, I will s...

24 Nov 2018
Digital Asset Class (DAC)
Milos Dunjic

The Holy Grail of Successful Corporate Innovation

Many corporate leaders hire external consultants for advice on HOW innovation teams shall be structured, or what processes they shall follow. However, I believe relying on external expertise for such ...

24 Nov 2018
Mark McKoy

The Right Partner Makes All The Difference Part II

In my last post, “The Right Partner Can Make All The Difference!,” I talked about how surrounding yourself with the best-possible people puts you in the best-possible situation to succeed. This holds...

23 Nov 2018
Jesse Champagne

How Prepaid Program Can Help University Event Planners

Universities and higher-education institutions often host research conferences, alumni dinners, educational events, concerts, and more. There are a multitude of costs that occur during such events, ra...

23 Nov 2018
Marten Nelson

A Big IDea for Banks

In the digital world banks can win by doing more of the same... What is a bank? A place to store money? Yes, but keeping cash under the mattress doesn’t make a bank of your bed. A lender? Sure. But to...

23 Nov 2018
Open Banking
Robert Siciliano

Genealogy Websites Scare Me, But This is Good

Investigators in Sacramento have arrested Joseph James DeAngelo for rape, but they only found him based on records from a genealogical website. The effort wasn’t easy, but this guy is now off the str...

23 Nov 2018
Neil Crammond


One of the very few benefits of open outcry trading was the fact that traders could see everyone trading and the chances of rogue trading was easier to spot compared to today. Through a virtual pit

23 Nov 2018
Operational Risk Management
Joe Pindar

Bitcoin: Here to stay or is it running out of steam?

We’re now into the second decade of Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency still aiming to take the world by storm. Passing the 10-year mark for any technology is impressive, given the nature of the business,

23 Nov 2018
Blockchain Observations