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Brandon Li

Trend of Child Sexual Abuse - Insights on Online Payment Regulations

Child exploitation is an alarming problem throughout whole world. It particularly threatens the safety of children in developing or underdeveloped countries, where poverty is the biggest cause of chil...

29 May 2018
Financial Services Regulation
Karen Wheeler

Cybercrime for the young is on the rise - how can banks help?

The typical cybercrime victim may not be what they seem. You may initially picture an elderly person, possibly living alone and not very confident when it comes to technology or being able to spot a s...

21 May 2018
Millennial Banking
Robert Siciliano

Are Your Employees Putting Your Company at Risk? Here’s How to Find Out!

Even if you have the best security on your computer network, you might have noticed that you still seem to get hacked…or worse. Ask Equifax. Why is this happening? It’s probably because a member of yo...

18 May 2018
Milos Dunjic

Why Should You Pay Attention to Quantum Computing?

For over a year now, I have been uncovering the secrets of quantum computing, which is an exciting and rather unusual field of informatics. It is somewhat weird and yet extremely fascinating disciplin...

13 May 2018
Information Security
Robert Siciliano

10 Internet Security Myths that Small Businesses Should Be Aware Of

Most small businesses don’t put as much focus on internet security as they probably should. If you are a small business owner or manager, not focusing on internet security could put you in a bad spot....

11 May 2018
Nanda Kumar

2008-2018, two turning points for the financial services sector

10 years after the last financial crisis, a new upheaval in banking It’s been 10 years since the global financial crisis, considered by many to be the worst since the great depression. New regulation...

04 May 2018
Banking Regulations
Sadra Boutorabi

PCI Compliance and 3D Secure 2

Serious efforts have been made to combat against the ever-increasing levels of CNP (card-not-present fraud), which has jumped to record levels (around $14.2 billion annually) in recent years. Anyone ...

02 May 2018
Standards Forum
Retired Member

Active, proactive or reactive: Assessing your cyber security posture

Need to stand up to cyber security breaches more effectively? Change your posture! An organisation’s ‘security posture’ indicates how robustly they are equipped to avoid, detect and repel cyber threa...

01 May 2018
Retired Member

What does open banking mean for cyber security?

In the new world of open banking, the traditional security walls will come down. Will threats – to data integrity and consumer trust – inevitably go up? Open banking regulations launched in the UK in...

27 Apr 2018
Evdokia Kardoulaki

Cyber insurance pricing: Quantifying the unknown in a multibillion dollar market

Cyber insurance is potentially a huge growth opportunity, but to exploit it profitably firms must identify and quantify cyber risks. The attitude to cyber insurance is changing. This is partly be

23 Apr 2018
Leo Martins

6 questions to ask when considering a GDPR solution

On May 25th 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force and any business processing data about EU Citizens will be required to comply. This is arguably the most fundame...

06 Apr 2018
Robert Siciliano

The Term Identity Theft Protection is Often a Lie

If you are working for an IT security company, I have a message for you: the term “identity theft protection” is way overused and even abused as a marketing term. We know that this term is used to sel...

06 Apr 2018