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Retired Member

Retail banking customers continue to be underwhelmed

Remember the good old days? When your trusty banking customer was loyal, low interest rates dictated competitive advantage and a customer’s main gripe was that you were the only shop on the high stree...

30 Aug 2016
Graham Seel

Is Community Bank Innovation Strategic or Tactical? Yes

Everyone likes to think they’re strategic. And that they can be tactical when they need to. When it comes down to it, though, how many of us are really either? How often have you heard someone ask wha...

25 Aug 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Jack Burrows

CMA, PSD2 and API: A solution for open banking

Banks should avoid treating the delivery of CMA and PSD2 APIs as just another compliance project and instead take the same approach as when delivering new customer products such as mobile banking apps...

23 Aug 2016
Jamie Campbell

Change one small thing and turn your company into an ideas factory.

Good ideas are the cornerstone of innovation and progression. They create giddy excitement in meeting rooms around the world and turn failing businesses into successes stories. So why aren't companies...

22 Aug 2016
Retired Member

Financial services must learn from the airline industry to retain mass affluent customers

Twenty years ago low cost airlines such as easyJet totally revolutionised the airline industry with a business model that fundamentally changed the way that people could fly. Comparisons can be drawn ...

19 Aug 2016
Colin Gordon

The ATM market is changing. What might the future look like?

Within the financial technology sector, the ATM is sometimes seen as an area of self-service that is seeing less use due to mobile or online adoption as consumers move towards e-money and contactless ...

18 Aug 2016
Retired Member

The unstoppable rise of robo-advisors

The Financial Times estimates that the market for funds advised by hybrid robo-human services will grow to $16.3 trillion worldwide in the next nine years. According to Swiss financial research compan...

17 Aug 2016
Retired Member

Digital Transformation in Banking isn't happening

There is a lot of talk about digital transformation by banks but the reality is that despite what they say they are not doing it. What the vast majority of banks are actually doing is digital enableme...

15 Aug 2016
Jamie Campbell

The Russian Doll Paradox

Wooden. Layered. Traditional. I could make the obvious "and thats just the banks!" joke, but I think I'll refrain. Russian nesting dolls (or matryoshka dolls) are weird little things. Normal...

15 Aug 2016
Neil Clarke

The Race to Open Banking is underway

As the dust continues to settle after the momentous decision by UK to leave the EU, the implications in terms of EU regulation are pretty clear, with the FCA stating whilst the UK remains in the EU (f...

15 Aug 2016
Nanda Kumar

Security - worth paying for in a digital world?

When performing their daily banking routines, customers don’t want to be bothered by complex security features and authentication procedures. Today, they expect simple and fast user interfaces and oft...

12 Aug 2016
Retired Member

The moral wallet: Striking the right balance with end users

Even though studies are showing that an increasing number of users are giving the mobile wallet technology a try, only a few are reported to be using it on a continuous basis. Consumers say their top ...

11 Aug 2016