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Robert Siciliano

llegal Alien Steals Identity, Becomes Cop

In a story that could have come right out of a movie, a widely respected police officer turned out to be a Mexican national who stole an American identity and moved to Alaska to become a cop. I’ll bet...

29 Jul 2011
Robert Siciliano

15 Social Media Security Tips

1. Realize that you can become a victim at any time. Not a day goes by when we don’t hear about a new hack. With 55,000 new pieces of malware a day, security never sleeps. 2. Think before you post. St...

27 Jul 2011
Lachlan Gunn

Europol busts international cross border skimming operation

Operation Night Clone is a great success for Europol - not only has a major international skimming group been taken out of play, but Europol has again shown its operational teeth as a pan-European La...

18 Jul 2011
Retired Member

Assessing Risk? Ask a pigeon.

I was recently browsing, when I came upon an interesting article. It was discussing the Monty Hall problem. For those of you who don’t know, this problem is based on a US quiz show and has caused ...

14 Jul 2011
Information Security
Robert Siciliano

How to Reset Your Gmail Password After Being Hacked

I finally got one of those “I’m stuck in London” emails. My friend Kate’s Gmail account was hacked, and everyone on her contact list received an email from a hacker posing as Kate: “Hi, Apologies, but...

14 Jul 2011
Robert Siciliano

Spear Phishing Leaves a Bloody Wound

Once criminal hackers get a person’s username and email address, they can begin to launch a targeted spear phish scam. Scammers copy the design of each breached entities outgoing email campaign and bl...

14 Jul 2011
Angus Stewart

Are the banks next

Will the fallout from the News of the World scandal hit the banks next? It seems that not a day goes by without more revelations of hacking and data theft relating to the News of the World and its sis...

13 Jul 2011
Alex Noble

Why off shore service is returning to the UK

It’s very interesting to see that Santander is bringing back 500 contact centre agents from India to the UK. This is good news for the UK economy, and is also part of a much wider trend in customer s...

08 Jul 2011
Simon Romp

Staff education essential to prevent data loss

The recent spate of high profile data losses aptly demonstrates the many ways in which data can go astray and reinforces the need to have every potential leakage point protected. Whether it is Wikilea...

07 Jul 2011
Retired Member

NATO persecution update

Hackers claimed yesterday that they had hacked NATO primary servers including Read, this is not the library where 11,000 often amateurish passwords were used by Military, NSA and other perso...

06 Jul 2011
Retired Member

Do security standards make organizations vulnerable?

Do information security standards expose organizations to shared vulnerabilities? Why do data breaches occur with such frequency? Recent European Commission announcement on reporting of data security ...

02 Jul 2011
Robert Siciliano

Data Breaches Up, Lost Records Down

According to a recent report from Verizon, data breaches are on the rise. There were 760 data breaches recorded in 2010, compared to 140 breaches in 2009. However, there were approximately four milli...

02 Jul 2011