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Adam Nyb├Ąck

Android NFC still not for payments

During the Google I/O conference this week there was a presentation called How to NFC. People who were hoping to hear about payments were in for a big disappointment. While the demonstrations were ve...

13 May 2011
Retired Member

Visa makes mobile acceptance security explicit

A few weeks ago there was a very public spat between Verifone, one of the leading providers of payments terminals, and new market entrant for mobile payments acceptance, Square, backed by Twitter foun...

12 May 2011
Brett King

Why Apple must launch NFC in the iPhone 5

On 14th of March 2011, The Independent newspaper from the UK published an article suggesting that the iPhone 5 would not include Near-Field Communication (NFC) capability. A few days later on the 1

09 May 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

The mobile banking wars are yet to heat up

Andy Schmidt, TowerGroup's research director for commercial banking and payments, has recently commented on the differences between mobile operating systems and the propensity for banks to develop app...

04 May 2011
Ward Hagenaar

Will Facebook restrict itself to high revenue vouchers?

As Facebook is now entering the Point of Sale arena in the US with its Daily Deals Offering the question arrises what would be the business model for true payments. Facebook credits are now converted ...

29 Apr 2011
Tim Tyler

Coupons and Payments - What Do We Have To Lose?

Electronic coupons appear to be all the rage at the moment, with the rush to the front seemingly being led by Groupon. Throwing themselves in to the fight now are Google (with Google Offers) and Face

26 Apr 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Tim Tyler

Location, Location, Location

So we have heard in the press that iPhones now record location information in a 'hidden' file. Not that Apple are tracking you, just that this information is logged. Lots of people record their loca

21 Apr 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Brett King

Get the journey right, stop focusing on the destination

If you are thinking of a trip you have any number of options to get there. You can travel by car, by bus, by train, by ship or by air. Depending on the distance you might walk, or ride a bike. You can...

20 Apr 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Are the banks missing a trick?

Consumers are driving technology adoption in the financial services industry like never before. Indeed, as the popularity of smartphones and tablets grows, consumer demand for information and services...

19 Apr 2011
Brett King

The Curse of the Innovator

Recently we've been discussing at many organizations what it takes to get innovation done in large businesses with embedded behavior and practices. One side of the coin is obviously the impact of Disr...

14 Apr 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Dave Barnes

NFC Options for Banks

In response to the blog about "Google partners Citi and MasterCard on NFC m-payments", I thought I would give you my thoughts on the NFC options that are out there. It might only be Citi f...

29 Mar 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Brett King

I'm more likely to leave my bank than iTunes...

There's a much quoted line in the UK banking market that you are more likely to get divorced than change current accounts. This comes from the statistic that around 75% of customers have never closed...

25 Mar 2011
Innovation in Financial Services