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Marcus Martinez

Hyper-Casual Banking

If you own a smartphone, the chances are you have at least one gaming app installed. You know, for those rare moments when you have a few minutes to spare and just need to switch your mental focus. Ho...

04 Mar 2020
Open Banking
Steve Morgan

Are challenger banks transforming the lending market or just providing digital makeup?

The short answer is yes…. sometimes to both. However, there is a huge change underway and enough evidence to suggest that customer and competitive pressure alone will drive more change, even without f...

04 Mar 2020
Disruption in Retail Banking
Paul Shumsky

White Label mPOS Solutions 2020 Outlook

Retailers are increasingly turning Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices to secure payment because of the convenience, cost effectiveness and flexibility they offer. In fact, the mPOS market is reported...

03 Mar 2020
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
Matthew Ruoss

Inaction with voluntary corporate actions can lead to mandatory retribution

Voluntary corporate actions are often considered to be an inconsequential aspect of investment management. However, given the sheer amount of money that is lost to poorly handled corporate actions dec...

03 Mar 2020
Post-Trade Forum
Anna Oleksiuk

EMV vs Biometric Cards: What’s Next in Card Processing?

Discover the history of card payment security and learn how biometrics are increasing the security of card payments Futuristic advances in payment technology are being deployed across the world. Cont...

03 Mar 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Malaysia is the latest country to hop on the fintech trend

A Southeast Asian country is set to become one of the top fintech countries, showing impressive rates of adoption and the willingness to work for progress. Malaysia which is typically known for its be...

03 Mar 2020
David Vila

Human 'I': The key to conversational AI in banking

Think chatbots, intelligent virtual assistants, and digital employees. These and other related technologies enable computers to engage in dialogue with people in natural ways using conversational arti...

02 Mar 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Laura Francis

Trading without borders: The cross border payments evolution

Plenty is unfolding in the global payments arena. There is a stream of new products or partnerships being publicised by financial institutions to improve the user experience across both domestic and i...

02 Mar 2020
The future of Payments in Europe
Anthony Walton

The FCA’s View on Payments

The UK financial regulator recently released its ‘Sector Views’ report, which provides The Financial Conduct Authority’s opinion on how the sector is performing. This is their annual analysis of the w...

02 Mar 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Shrey Rastogi

The 2020 Trends Defining the Banking and Payments Industry

Payments in the Cloud A number of key benefits pertaining to banking in the cloud are now widely acknowledged – from scalability, agility and security to future proofing and (perhaps the most signific...

02 Mar 2020
John Burgos

Your customers have adopted digital payments. Have you?

From being a cash-oriented economy, India has transformed its payment sector to a large extent. The boom in digital payments is attributed to various factors like smartphone penetration and progressiv...

02 Mar 2020
The Payments Business
Benny Boye Johansen

The status of Open Banking in Europe - From inside the bubble

I've just come back from the Open Banking and APIs Forum in Amsterdam arranged by Fleming. It is a small event, but still diverse in participants and speakers across incumbent banks, neo banks, interm...

01 Mar 2020
Open Banking