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Frances Zelazny

Biometrics and Digital Identity: Twenty Years In

On May 1, 1999, I began my career in the biometrics and identity industry at an unknown, fledgling company called Visionics that was promoting facial recognition in a shrink-wrapped box to allow peopl...

14 May 2019
Simon Richards

How many patches are you sitting on?

You could be forgiven for thinking this should be a rhetorical question – the answer is surely none? However, such is the scale and complexity of managing FICC voice trading systems, with all their in...

14 May 2019
Unified Communications in Financial Services
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

New world FIs need to make better decisions on security

Ten years ago, when we thought about where to keep our money, it was either in long standing, trusted banks, or under long standing, trusted mattresses. But recently, this space has exploded (and cont...

13 May 2019
Robert Siciliano

Want to be a Cybercriminal? Try Facebook

When you think of a cybercriminal, you probably picture someone in a black hoodie in a dark room on the dark web, but most cybercriminals are out there in plain sight, including on Facebook. Talos, a...

02 May 2019
Dalia Masad

How FIs Can Arm Themselves Against a New Era of Cyber-attacks

With financial crimes at an all-time high, the tactics used to commit these crimes have become increasingly more diverse and sophisticated. And of all the various forms of fraud being committed today,...

30 Apr 2019
Financial Risk Management
Shailendra Malik

Amazon, Project Kuiper and Space Race 2

As Amazon’s mothership arrives (on paper), the current systems existing in the space suddenly start looking smaller by a far distance. SpaceX had similar designs, but they were doing it under the gui

13 Apr 2019
Sadra Boutorabi

How 3D Secure adoption in the US is about to change

3-Domain Secure was created in its first iteration (3DS1) over 15 years ago. The goals were relatively simple, as there were few standards to build upon at the time. Even though there was a mounting c...

09 Apr 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

Should security be left to the customer?

At the beginning of every year for the last decade or so, a list of the most used passwords is released. At the top of this list are passwords like “123456” and “12345678”. The biggest thing I’ve tak...

04 Apr 2019
Online Banking
Joe Pindar

Why the financial industry needs to change tack and focus on the basics

IT spending is at an all time high; continuing to grow at a rapid rate, it’s estimated that $103 billion will be dished out in 2019. This may seem like a good thing, more spend on security automatical...

02 Apr 2019
Banking Architecture
Shailendra Malik

Identity, Privacy and Surveillance

Some history behind it Since fiction has roots in our society, far deeper, most of us can imagine. Do you know the first recorded futuristic fiction work written in Modern Age of reason era was writte...

30 Mar 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

How Strong Can a PIN Code Really Be?

It’s suggested we use 14-character passwords with numbers, letters, and symbols, and we change this password every 90 days. It’s also suggested this isn’t very secure. I like big numbers, and a 14-cha...

06 Mar 2019
Prasoon Mukherjee

Privacy By Design - How IT systems may evolve in banks under GDPR

A lot is being read, written or heard about GDPR – it’s relevance, implications to institutions that collect personal data, and ramifications of non-compliance. Therefore, this will not deal with any ...

19 Feb 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation