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Rik Coeckelbergs

Top 3 threats for banks today

Recently I represented The Banking Scene at Money20/20 Europe. I skipped one year, so my last edition was in Copenhagen. Man… this conference has grown. The coffee I took at the entrance, was almost c...

04 Jul 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
David Donovan

Why a Platform Business Model is key to accelerating Top Line Growth at Financial Services

The titans of the banking industry need to set aggressive aspirational goals and execute upon strategic platform building capabilities to grow top line revenues, take their business beyond their core ...

26 Jun 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Tim Deeson

Challenger Banks Must Lead with Chatbot Innovation

Too often organisations have used automation technologies such as chatbots as a ‘first line of defence’ against their customers, when actually there is often more valuable opportunity to create new an...

24 Jun 2019
Customer Service 2015-2019-2025
Thomas Pintelon

How liquid asset based lending brings benefits to both banks and their customers

Imagine you have a short-term cash need [university fees for your kids] but you do have some long-term bonds in your investments portfolio. Wouldn’t it be great if your bank allows you to temporarily ...

21 Jun 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Sarah Jackson

Millennial myth busting: what do they really want from lenders?

Millennials, a generation of digital natives that grew up amid the fastest period of technological change in history are, according to new independent research, the age group least likely to borrow fr...

12 Jun 2019
Millennial Banking
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

Can incumbent banks fight off newcomers with digital identity?

At least for the foreseeable future, the big players in banking aren’t going anywhere and they remain some of the most trusted institutions in our society, despite what people might say (very much a c...

04 Jun 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Ron Delnevo

Action Required NOW to Maintain Payment Choice in the UK -the Time for Talking and Debate is OVER!

I am a decisive person. I favour action over endless debate and discussion. Winston Churchill said “Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war.” BUT, certainly in the UK, we “jaw” too much and get too litt...

01 Jun 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Danny Healy

The role of application networks in an open banking world

We’re fast approaching a complete transformation in the way we consume financial services. In the future, the bank as we know it won’t define how its services are delivered, the demands and expectatio...

31 May 2019
Tim Simon

Why P2P Lending models are changing

Peer to Peer Lending and many other online direct lending software models are changing. We have studied different models in the online loans market for over a decade and there have been significant sh...

16 May 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Bartlomiej Szymanski

Smart selling practices with Virtual Branch Banking - Part 1.

Recently, customers have broad access to knowledge regarding banking products and services. However, when browsing a bank’s website, they often rely on support through remote channels i.e. chat, audio...

29 Apr 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Mike O'Keeffe

More PPI pain for UK high street banks

In 2017, it was reported that the payment protection insurance (PPI) scandal had cost some of Britain’s largest high street banks more than £34bn. Yet our analysis of over 1.25 complaints shows that t...

23 Apr 2019
Financial Risk Management
Bartlomiej Szymanski

What are key enhancements provided by Virtual Branch Banking platforms?

Evaluating customer journeys and business models are more relevant than ever. The service model is changing accordingly to sales and service processes which are enabled in digital channels. Regardless...

11 Apr 2019