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Elizabeth Lumley

Thinking outside the cloud

We're hosting a webcast on Finextra right now looking at everyone's favourite tech trend - cloud computing. However, before any IT head worth his iPad case starts dreaming about the processing power,...

25 Mar 2011
Financial Risk Management
Retired Member

Cutting costs is not enough

Yesterday at the IPS conference in London, a major theme emerged for payment banks: managing costs is no longer enough to maintain a successful payments business – banks simply have to become more eff...

24 Mar 2011
Craig Ramsey

Will transaction banking please step forward?

The provision of payments is a fundamental function of banking, practically as old as money itself. But since the introduction of cheques more than 350 years ago, the payments landscape has been evolv...

22 Mar 2011
Craig Ramsey

Preparing for IPS

As we prepare for the IPS event in London, I am looking forward to the presentations and conference sessions, of course, but I think I am looking forward to the one-to-one discussions on the stand eve...

21 Mar 2011
Barry Kislingbury

Is SWIFTs strategy working?

February is the time for many of us to visit SWIFT for the annual Partner meeting. It was nice to see some new faces this year and it’s also a great opportunity to catch up and discuss SWIFTs strateg...

11 Mar 2011
Transaction Banking
Elizabeth Lumley

Social Media Days - London - Will we see you there?

I just got off the phone with Mark Jones, the financial communities editor for Reuters, about being our keynote speaker at Social Media Days - London. (He's sending me some bullet points for the keyno...

10 Mar 2011
Social Banks
Retired Member

China and Transaction Banking

It is 15 years since my first business trip (on behalf of a bank) to China - Pudong which, as a New Open Economic Zone, was still a work in progress and then visits to factories along the Pearl River,...

22 Feb 2011
Elizabeth Lumley

A shout out to all the FinTech goddesses out there

Someone batted around a sad, but not that surprising, statistic about our Finextra Community demographics yesterday. It's seems that a whopping 16% of our readership are women. Way-Hey! OK, so we cov...

15 Feb 2011
Social Banks
Retired Member

Money Laundering and Fincen Falsehoods

Clearly if the entire banking system ruled by the US driven data sharing and transaction reporting rules can't find billions freshly stashed by fleeing dictators - the whole effort is a joke. A joke o...

14 Feb 2011
Retired Member

OTC clearing: untangling the netting

I mentioned ‘netting sets' in a previous blog on OTC clearing as a key focus of much debate at a recent OTC derivatives conference. To me, there seems to be some confusion around usage of the term wit...

07 Feb 2011
Financial Risk Management
Retired Member

Managing margin and collateral

While speaking at the OTC Derivatives and Counterparty Risk conference in London last week, I noticed a number of recurring themes which continued to pop up throughout the day. Most of the conference ...

31 Jan 2011
Financial Risk Management
Elizabeth Lumley

BYO iPhone? No worries, we expected that.

I have had a number of interesting chats with IT, information security and risk people about BYO (bring your own) technology and devices, and collaborative social sharing software, lately. (they were ...

26 Jan 2011
Finance 2.0