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Robert Siciliano

Bill Would Remove Social Security Numbers

The most basic advice for protecting your own identity is to protect your Social Security number. The obvious solution is simply never to disclose your number, but this is silly, since, depending on y...

26 Aug 2011
Robert Siciliano

Researchers Say Identity Theft Has Lasting

Identity theft victims don’t need Jessica Van Vliet, an assistant professor in counseling psychology at the University of Alberta, to tell them that they no longer feel safe when conducting everyday f...

26 Aug 2011
Retired Member

Combating the growth of fraud in the UK

According to a recent report by the CIFAS, fraud in the UK is up by 10 percent. Reports like this continue to show evidence that putting more and stronger locks on the door to keep out criminals simpl...

22 Aug 2011
Retired Member

Mobile wallet security

Over last few months various groups have launched their mobile wallet offerings. In the U.S., Isis, the mobile payment initiative that AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon started last November, recently ...

22 Aug 2011
Brett King

Facebook isn't the problem - Identity is the problem

At an event in Indianapolis two weeks ago a banker in the audience ardently challenged me over the transparency of social networks and the subsequent risk of identity theft. There are a lot of identit...

22 Aug 2011
Online Banking
Robert Siciliano

Cybercriminals Target Senior Citizens

Cyber scams happen to the young and the old, the rich and the poor. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your credit is, or whether or not you have a credit card. Cybercriminals target everyone, regardle...

20 Aug 2011
Pat Carroll

Time for the EU to step up on data security

European data privacy laws are arguably the most stringent in the world. That should be great news for companies that meet them when those companies come to offer their services around the world. An

19 Aug 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Lachlan Gunn

Do you get SMS alerts for debit card transactions?

Does your bank provide SMS alerts for debit card transactions? If it does, do you use the service? According to an article in the Times of India, with effect from July 2011, the Reserve Bank of India...

18 Aug 2011
Information Security
Robert Siciliano

Online Gamers Risk Credit Card Fraud

The Sony Corporation has been providing consumers with stellar electronics since before the introduction of the Walkman. The past six months have been harsher for Sony, with attacks by hacktivists and...

17 Aug 2011
Simon Romp

Falling prey to the 'insider threat'

This latest data security breach at Citi epitomises the many ways in which data can go astray. In a recently publicised case, data was stolen from Citi by external hackers. The culprits in this most r...

10 Aug 2011
Robert Siciliano

Medical Temp Arrested For Identity Theft

You’ve probably heard the phrase “a fox watching the henhouse.” Today, that applies to people on the inside of organizations who work in trusted positions, and who use those positions to steal client ...

09 Aug 2011
Retired Member

Bank Connectivity Made Easy - Outsource It!

In an era of performing more tasks with fewer resources, one would imagine that treasury technology alternatives, specifically bank connectivity, would become easier. Instead, it seems that as staff...

02 Aug 2011
Treasury Technology