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Paul Penrose

Price war looms for European exchanges

European exchanges had best get ready for another round of fierce price cutting following the announcement by the US-based Bats ECN that it is to set up an operation in London. The Bats ECN launched ...

31 Mar 2008
Finextra50 fintech index
Gary Wright

Is MiFID yesterday's news?

For the last two years there has been no end of so called experts announcing how MiFID would totally change the securities market in Europe. Noticeably their message of gloom was modified as MiFID nea...

31 Mar 2008
Elton Cane

Why predict Eurex as a survivor and not Deutsche Boerse?

This recent TowerGroup report makes some interesting predictions, and has sound reasons for picking its five suvivors in the global exchange land grab. On one hand I can see why they have picked Eurex...

12 Feb 2008
Finextra50 fintech index
Sriram Natarajan

Nuclear Insurance Fund!

So, the world's most sought after junket in Davos has come to a close. The economic bigwigs, CEOs, intellectual heavyweights have returned after a week of heavy duty deliberation on climate change, fi...

01 Feb 2008
Alan Goodrich

SCARY MOVIE... prepare to SCREAM!

Seriously, those of faint disposition should have a cushion handy to hide behind! How often do we read about and debate the moral dilemma of mere mortals "playing God" in areas such as medic...

01 Feb 2008
Trends in Financial Services
John Cant

Polarisation, not extinction - the future exchanges

With thoughts switching from MiFID compliance to the post MiFID impact on markets, here is a brief summary of some research on the probable impact on smaller European equity markets. The traditional ...

28 Jan 2008