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Retired Member

Brexit: What now for London fintechs?

It is not yet clear exactly how the decision to leave the EU will affect London’s financial services industry, but what we do know is there will be a significant impact. Uncertainty over remaining in ...

08 Nov 2016
Retired Member

The impact of Brexit on Fintech in the UK

London has earned its title “Global Fintech City”, boasting a strong financial centre for successful tech-startups in the UK and a key regulator of the global fintech community. Brexit is hot news in ...

31 Oct 2016
Retired Member

It's time to accept the reality of Brexit

Like it or not, Brexit is here to stay. Whichever way you voted on 23rd June, the short-term consequences are starting to become clear – even if the long-term effects of leaving the EU have left opini...

10 Oct 2016
Stuart Lacey

Brexit Notwithstanding: GDPR Means GDPR

Last week I joined attendees at CtrlShift’s Personal Information Economy event, where Elizabeth Denham, the UK’s new Information Commissioner, gave her inaugural speech. Denham’s overriding message i...

07 Oct 2016
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

CMA: an opportunity not a threat. What are retail banks waiting for?

Last month, following almost two years of consultation, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced its final recommendations of reform to the retail banking sector. There had been much deba...

29 Sep 2016
Retired Member

Brexit: Further Clarity for Consumer Payments?

Although it has been three months since the UK population voted to leave the European Union, there is very little additional clarity on the impact that Brexit may have on consumer payments. Below we h...

23 Sep 2016
Retired Member

Protecting Data with DLP

The recent Brexit vote in the UK changes nothing from a GDPR perspective for those who wish to do business with EU entities. In today’s always-connected world, where almost all information is store

23 Aug 2016
Retired Member

The Impact of Brexit on International Business Payments

Many businesses are still reeling from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. It invites the question as to if, where and how Brexit will impact the way their UK businesses manage and process ...

27 Jul 2016
Retired Member

Post Brexit Banking Performance - why FS project success is more important than ever

Banks have taken a bit of a hit since Brexit. As a cyclical stock, banking in tandem with housebuilding and travel, has seen a considerable slide in share price. In the face of market volatility, inve...

27 Jul 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Managing Big Data After Brexit

The UK’s Brexit vote threw traders and investors off-balance and disrupted global financial markets. After the UK’s June 23 referendum to leave the European Union, traders and investors awoke to a glo...

26 Jul 2016
Vinod Sharma

What is FinTech and where does it Live?

Abstract – A few years back, I had a fascinating discussion about Fintech. Today every 3rd if not 4th profile on LinkedIn is about FinTech Expert. Few days ago someone asked me a million dollar questi...

26 Jul 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Everything has changed, but everything remains the same following the Brexit vote in June

The UK’s decision to leave the EU following the referendum vote on the 23 June has left the financial services industry facing an uncertain future. The result poses more questions than answers on what...

25 Jul 2016