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Joris Lochy

Securing your doors is not enough. Go for a multi-layered security strategy.

Cyber-attacks are all over the news! From ransomware to phishing, farmware, malware and cryptojacking up to DoS attacks. It seems as if the internet has been transformed to the Wild West. Combine this...

05 Jul 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Robert Siciliano

Hackers Hacking Airport USB Ports

Have you ever wondered if it’s a good idea to surf the internet using a public WiFi network at the airport? It’s heavily trafficked, so it’s more likely that your information could get stolen, right? ...

27 Jun 2019
Paul Hampton

Is crypto mining the next cyber threat?

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way from the initial emergence of Bitcoin. In fact, the meteoric rise of its value last year, coupled with JP Morgan venture into the space and Fakebook’s imminent la...

26 Jun 2019
Michael Lynch

Artificial intelligence - A multidimensional technology that can mitigate risk and increase revenue

Within organizations, fraud professionals and those responsible for revenue growth have been working against each other for decades. You can stop fraud almost completely of course, by making it nearly...

25 Jun 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Andrew Gauvin

Mobile Payments Security: Seven Things to Make Users Happy and Let You Sleep At Night

By Andrew Gauvin and Iurii Oliiar, Freeport Metrics If your business relies on selling anything online, payment is central to your company’s success. A web security strategy is no longer enough – foll...

19 Jun 2019
Steve Cook

Convenience vs Security: The future of facial recognition

Developed in the mid-sixties and first commercially introduced in the 1970s, facial recognition technology has since made huge strides. Now, it's considered a significant feature for major players in ...

17 Jun 2019
Jordan Feigenbaum

Advantages of a private network - part 2

Part one of this network series highlighted some recent network incidents that impacted the internet and public cloud providers and proliferated the wariness of public cloud. There’s no doubt that ou...

06 Jun 2019
Konstantin Rabin

Banking security under AI control

When thinking of AI in the context of banking, many people immediately start considering the uses of it to be either customer related or somehow used for optimization processes. Even when considering ...

05 Jun 2019
Information Security
Jordan Feigenbaum

Exploring the public cloud - part 1

Across all industries – but particularly those in heavily regulated industries such as finance – the talk is about the shift to the public cloud. It is the buzzword of the moment. Amazon, Google and M...

04 Jun 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Jackie Barwell

How knowledge of your customers can help fight fraud

The eCommerce industry is continuing its rapid growth and the lines between physical and digital shopping are becoming increasingly blurred. This change in the way consumers conduct purchases is crea...

20 May 2019
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis
Robert Siciliano

Youra Sheethed: My Dalliance Scambaiting a Nigerian Con

I put an ad on Craigslist to sell a refrigerator that I no longer need. Within a few minutes I’m happy to report Micheal responded to buy it! SCAMMER: Hi am Micheal I like to ask if this item is till...

16 May 2019
Robert Siciliano

The Mother of All Data Breaches - It Could Be Here

You have probably heard of one data breach after another these days, but this is one that you should really pay attention to: more than 772 million unique emails, along with more than 21 million uniqu...

16 May 2019