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Sam Goffman

What is the ERC-20 standard? ERC-20 Ethereum tokens

The ERC-20 token is developed on the basis of Ethereum. The platform consists of a blockchain that stores transactions, and a virtual machine that encodes smart contracts that guarantee their executio...

07 Sep 2018
Robert Siciliano

2017 Was the Worst year for Data Breaches EVER!

It seems like 2017 broke records for all the wrong reasons…one of them being the worst year for data breaches in history. According to reports, hacking was the most common way to collect this data, b...

07 Sep 2018
Sam Goffman

Cryptocurrency wallets: FAQs

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency. A wallet can be used to store several types of tokens and coins at the same time, but most of them sup...

30 Aug 2018
Rune Sørensen

Convenience vs Security in Ecommerce Payments: How Everyone Can Win

In 2018, banks and retailers are dealing with a new breed of customer: one that expects a fast, seamless online payment experience. When it comes to ecommerce, however, user experience isn’t the only ...

29 Aug 2018
Monica Hovsepian

Financial fraud and cyber-crime: Can banks stay one step ahead?

There seems to be no shortage of news around cybercrime and fraud at financial services institutions. The latest involves a security breach at one of the oldest cooperative banks in India. Within 24 ...

23 Aug 2018
Information Security
Matthew Phillips

Worried about what’s next for banking security? The key should be in your DNA

No, I don’t mean that DNA testing or biometrics necessarily have to be part of every security system, for every financial services firm out there. What I do want to explore, is how financial services ...

23 Aug 2018
Andy Miles

Throwing money at cyber security solutions is a false economy

Recent research has found that the financial services industry is the sector most heavily investing in cybersecurity solutions, increasing investment 85% compared to last year. With daily headlines ...

21 Aug 2018
Information Security
Retired Member

Prevent Hacking: Needed Data Security Framework For HealthCare

Healthcare Industry continues to be a lucrative market for hackers. From 2017 to 2018, a large number of personal data frauds have been reported in the U.S. that highlights the imminent danger that t

19 Aug 2018
Data Protection Act Issues
Richard Price

Manual intervention, AI and ML - a blend of the sensory and the machinery

It’s encouraging that Britain’s banking watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is backing more aggressive deployment of the weapons of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) ...

17 Aug 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Greg Nilson

How not to lose money when buying tokens

How can investors tell a promising blockchain project from a scam and not give their funds to scammers? How not to lose money when investing in cryptocurrencies? Because of fraudsters, the crypto indu...

14 Aug 2018
Financial Risk Management
Retired Member

Pressure Mounted on Swiss Authorities to Prosecute Fabien Gaglio Over Fraud Allegations

A whistleblower website, put up in an attempt to persuade Swiss authorities into looking into Fabien Gaglio in more detail, alleges a large-scale financial fraud. The owners of the website, www.hottin...

04 Aug 2018
Retired Member

Don't worry about PSD2, your APIs are open anyway

PSD2, the European regulations for Open Banking, is designed to allow a more open and competitive Financial Services sector across the EU. There are pages and pages of information on managing the mark...

02 Aug 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation