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Paul Irvine

Why remote working presents an increased threat to financial services

Security teams and IT departments at large enterprises across all industries are faced with securing against an ever expanding attack surface daily. Previously, vulnerable points of entry used to live...

16 Jun 2017
Information Security
Chris Brown

Will cards disappear before cash?

In the early 2000s when the internet was still young, Visa, MasterCard and the other major payment card schemes had a choice. They could create a system that made using credit/debit cards on the inter...

16 Jun 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Robert Siciliano

Getting Owned or Pwned SUCKS!

A well done New York Times article recently re-introduced this topic to the masses. Being “owned” isn’t new, but the term is not becoming part of popular culture. If you use the internet or are often ...

13 Jun 2017
Retired Member

Why Enterprises Should Extend eComms Compliance and eDiscovery Defences

Many enterprise electronic communications (eComms) applications offer an attractive proposition to businesses by delivering lower costs, more features and access to newer desktop apps. But while they ...

02 Jun 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

ePassports, the panacea for financial services’ digital identity verification pain?

Looking ahead, it’s highly likely that once the exit of the UK from the EU occurs, additional hurdles to seamlessly onboarding new customers or authenticating existing ones will create greater challen...

17 May 2017
Digital Banking Trends
Milos Dunjic

The Persistent Payment Fraud Challenge and What Can Be Done About It

As I review the latest payments industry news, I am trying to identify if there could be some low-hanging fruit that would make sense for the payments card industry to focus on. It seems that there is...

06 May 2017
Paul Irvine

4 Cybersecurity Crunch Points Facing the Financial Services Sector

It’s well known that the main trends currently driving change within the technology sector are the cloud, internet of things, mobility and big data analytics. While advances in digital business are si...

28 Apr 2017
Information Security
Retired Member

What Does MasterCard’s Biometric Chip Mean for Consumers?

Have you heard the news? In an ongoing attempt to fight back against those wishing to do financial harm to their customers, Mastercard is beginning a trial of a card which has a chip, along with a fin...

27 Apr 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking
Robert Siciliano

Parents Beware of Finstagram

You have surely heard of Instagram, the photo sharing social network, but what about “Finstagram?” If you are like most parents, you have rules about the social media practices of your kids. However, ...

27 Apr 2017
Retired Member

GDPR and the redefining of personal data

May 2018 will see the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law covers organisations that employ over 250 people, and that either service EU citizens, or who store people’...

26 Apr 2017
Retired Member

Does the Buck Stop with GameStop?

In March, I wrote about the attack on the infrastructure of United States of America. It wasn’t an attack on our naval bases, bridges, or water supply. It was an attack on the infrastructure of our in...

19 Apr 2017
Information Security
Victor Martin

The Top Mobile Security Measures that Matter the Most

As smartphones become technologically advanced and widespread, people are using them for managing their business, to manage their social media accounts, play games, transfer information, communicate d...

12 Apr 2017
Business Knowledge for IT