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Retired Member

Will a Brexit kill Britain’s fastest growing industry?

George Osborne hopes to make London a fintech leader, but the Brexit threatens the industry’s survival. Why would Britain champion this booming industry only to destroy it? Modern politics is all abou...

04 Apr 2016
Retired Member

A possible UK exit from the EU means less regulatory burden; or does it?

As we progress through 2016, the regulatory landscape is being shaped by many new or emerging initiatives. It is sometimes easy to forget that the initial start to all this was political, generally in...

18 Mar 2016
Retired Member

Will the UK lose its right to issue ISINs?

With multiple exchange operators from overseas courting London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), and with the "Brexit" referendum coming in June, a topical question is - who will issue ISINs for ...

15 Mar 2016
Killian Clifford


The EBA is name checked quite frequently when it comes to PSD2 but what is the EBA, what does it do and why is it so important when it comes to PSD2? Pan-EU Watchdog The European Banking Authority (EB...

11 Mar 2016
Retired Member

Germany and the UK show the way

The pixels were barely dry on my last blog post on the regulatory impact of a potential Brexit on the City of London, when news broke that LSE Group was in talks with Deutsche Börse over a "merge...

24 Feb 2016
Retired Member

Brexit blues

Interesting to read over the weekend that London's mayor Boris Johnson has decided to throw his charismatic and not inconsiderable weight behind the "NO" campaign. Most agree that this shift...

22 Feb 2016
Nanda Kumar

Challenger Banks and their High Street rivals can learn from each other

We recently took part in a Financial Services event in London attended by the High Street banks we all know and some newer names to banking, notably Atom and Tandem. The presentations pointed out both...

05 Feb 2016