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Retired Member

Do you need to review your payment system?

I have talked a lot recently about legacy payment systems, the problems they can cause within financial institutions and how to approach change, but I often get asked how companies can ascertain if th...

09 Jun 2011
Retired Member

What do payment systems of the future look like?

As financial institutions review their payments infrastructure, it is likely that many will decide that they need to start to consider how they evolve current systems in the future, if they haven't st...

26 May 2011
Retired Member

Is common sense a thing of the past now?

What has the world come to when an employer seeks to force employees to ‘shop' their friends' and family's negative feedback? Draconian and Victorian management just cannot work in such an open and t...

25 May 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Let's hear it for the payments big boys

Since the financial crisis, supervisors across the world have been trying to work out ways of dealing with banks deemed to be ‘too big to fail'. The most obvious solution (and the most simplistic) is ...

25 May 2011
Siddharth Udani

Payments - Reduced Costs but did you Increase Revenue?

We have seen, heard and acted a lot in the Payments space over last few years either to comply with new regulations like SEPA or to consolidate Payments Systems to reduce costs. Covering the obvious

23 May 2011
Banking Architecture
Retired Member

Taking action against the burden of legacy systems

We know that most financial institutions are burdened, to a greater or lesser degree, by siloed legacy payment systems. Part of the problem is that the limitations of this architecture of legacy infra...

19 May 2011
Retired Member

Stifled by legacy systems

Many financial institutions are trying to run their critical payments function on disparate, cobbled-together systems, whose complexity and inflexibility make it difficult to respond to new customer n...

12 May 2011
Roy McPherson

Dirty Data

No not the title of a chapter in a John Le Carre book, nor an invitation to spice up my pc. But in a recent survey looking at impediments to accurate counterparty risk measurement (and management) the...

04 May 2011
Candyce Edelen

FX eCommerce - Single Dealer Platforms

I recently completed some research on single dealer platforms or FX eCommerce systems, which are designed for market makers and dealers in foreign currency trading. My research covered FX aggregation,...

14 Apr 2011
Financial Risk Management
Retired Member

Feeling the Pressure: Fixed income processing

In March, new issuance and continued interest rate volatility contributed to further increases in fixed income volumes according to leading brokers like ICAP, who last week announced a 22% volume incr...

14 Apr 2011
Nikhil Mittal

Identifying how much to lend before rotating the gears ahead

We all are aware of the growing interests of large and medium businesses towards financing their daily needs via Asset based financing ranging from financing via factoring to Asset based borrowing. Ov...

05 Apr 2011
Craig Ramsey

IPS in review

As the IPS conference in London drew to a close yesterday one theme was coming through loud and clear: there are plenty of new payments methods emerging into the mainstream, such as mobile, and lots o...

25 Mar 2011