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Retired Member

There's a sucker and a scammer born every minute

The latest social engineering trick doing the rounds in OZ is the 'Flower/Wine Delivery'. There's a knock at the door and surprise, surprise, a guy delivering a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine i...

20 Oct 2008
Michael Fuller

Sixteen digits are not enough

About six months ago my Bank called early on Saturday morning. They had been monitoring my credit card and had identified unusual activity. I confirmed some of the transactions weren’t mine and the ca...

19 Oct 2008
John Dring

Digital Signatures....

Well not PKI, but I have always had a grudge about those digital tablet or handheld POS things you are sometimes asked to sign on top of. With all the talk about Chip + PIN, it reminded me... I m...

17 Oct 2008
Sriram Natarajan

Wire tapping on the internet

The move towards Internet telephony seems to suggest a new line of security issues. Given the extensive use of Skype and other internet telephony tools, due to their inherent economical costs, it is b...

16 Oct 2008
Retired Member

Credit Card Security

Conventional wisdom says that if merchants will just comply with PCI (payment card industry data security standard), then crooks will not steal card data from merchants. Under this wisdom, the US Fede...

15 Oct 2008
Retired Member

Consumers say No Google or Ebay spying for Advertisers

A poll recently released by the Consumer Reports National Research Center shows that 82% of consumers are concerned about their credit card numbers being stolen online, while 72% are concerned that th...

14 Oct 2008
Stephen Wilson

But is it an attack on Chip and PIN per se?

I can see how lifting account details from a terminal device can help an attacker take over a bank account via conventional channels, but I am not sure that this is an attack on the Chip and PIN syste...

13 Oct 2008
Retired Member

Phishing and cards are not the only frauds

The All Party Parliamentary Group's report on bank and credit account fraud highlights the growing threat to existing accounts. Equally concerning is the misuse of accounts through Direct Debit fraud,...

10 Oct 2008
Retired Member

APACS and card fraud

"One of APACS' key responsibilities is co-ordinating a whole range of activities to tackle payment-related fraud" Does this mean that there's work for APACS as long as there is payment fraud...

01 Oct 2008
Trends in Financial Services
Retired Member

Ready or not, customer-controlled accounts are coming

That title is actually one of Javelin Strategy & Research's News Item :

27 Sep 2008
Trends in Financial Services
Paul Penrose

Any fool can be a money mule

The Netherlands Bankers Association have launched their own inimitable viral-style Web campaign to alert people to the dangers of easy-money mule recruitment tactics (hat-tip to Linkdump). Although ...

26 Sep 2008
Video extravaganza
Retired Member

Will the virtual web browser keep your PC safe?

I've become a bit of a fan of virtual machines - on those odd occasions when I need to run Windows I do it within a VM on the Mac using VMWare - which means I have a safe, secure installation I can mo...

23 Sep 2008