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Lee Campbell

Storm clouds on the horizon?

Why effective and innovative credit risk management is no longer an option... Unbalanced economic growth In the year following the 2008 financial crisis, economic activity declined in half of all coun...

01 Feb 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Retired Member

Trends in FX e-trading in 2018: Buy-AND-Build Disruptor 2018

Today’s Technology Enigma In a world of consolidating vendors, shrinking profits and constrained budgets, there has never been a greater need to differentiate yourself using technology. The Buy-vs-Bui...

29 Jan 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Darren Bishop

Market data, the gift that keeps on giving

I was very interested to read the recent announcement from a group of Wall Street heavyweights about the of launch MEMX, a new exchange designed to challenge the dominance of the New York Stock Excha...

28 Jan 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Eugene Buckley

Wanted: Visionary treasurers to execute

Recently, I was in Ireland visiting my extended family in the beautiful and rugged West Cork coast. By luck and good fortune, we were decamped at a cousin’s place in Kinsale for five uninterrupted day...

23 Jan 2019
Treasury Management
Omar Janabi

Due Diligence: The Foundation of any Successful M&A Deal in 2019

Amid the rising complexity of M&A, the simple adage of ‘failing to prepare, then preparing to fail’ is as true today, as it always has been. That is because due diligence, the time and resource in...

22 Jan 2019
Ivy Schmerken

Consolidated Market Data Feeds Gain Traction in Algo Trading and Fixed Income

Broker dealers and high-frequency trading firms have complained about U.S. stock exchanges charging high fees for direct data feeds, accusing the exchanges of having a monopoly and demanding transpare...

22 Jan 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Steve Britton

Electronic Invoicing in the UK Public Sector, post Brexit

Electronic Invoicing in the UK Public Sector, post Brexit – how close are we to achieving a digital government? It has been over 4 years since the UK Government’s enquiry into electronic invoicing (‘e...

03 Jan 2019
Electronic invoicing
Matt Smith

MiFID II - One Year On

We are close approaching the 1st anniversary of the most anticipated regulatory change in recent years – MiFID II. Sweeping into force on January 3, 2018 MiFID II brought with it a huge overhaul of th...

02 Jan 2019
Banking Regulations
Enrico Camerinelli

Blockchain in Procurement

Request for Proposal, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Advanced Shipping Notice, Bill of Lading. In blockchain a simple token is enough.

27 Dec 2018
Blockchain Observations
Ivy Schmerken

Alt Data: A Work in Progress

Banks and investment firms have increased their consumption of alternative data sets, but there are still challenges around selecting the most relevant data for trading purposes, according to panelist...

18 Dec 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Peter Davidson

Cryptocurrency Markets Are in the Red - Does That Mean It’s Time to Get In?

Most investors have likely heard this sentiment from Warren Buffett at some point, but, as with most things, it’s often far easier said than done. The cryptocurrency markets have been taking a steep d...

14 Dec 2018
Personal Finance
Anne Plested

Setting a good example

Meanwhile in another part of Europe, time is running out for Swiss equivalence. The one year period previously granted in December 2017 is set to expire on 31st December. Switzerland needs equivalent ...

03 Dec 2018