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Retired Member

The chlorine dipped chicken of capital markets

The spat continues between the UK, Europe and the US over the fate of the vast Euro denominated swaps market in a post-Brexit world. The core issue here is all about where this stuff should be cleared...

25 Oct 2017
Bob Lyddon

Banco Popular Espanol: new EU bank supervisory system threatens to unravel

In June Banco Popular Espanol (“BPE”) was sold to Santander for €1, with Santander taking over all the assets and senior liabilities of BPE. Crucially BPE depositors with over €100,000 in their accoun...

19 Sep 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Henri Wajsblat

How Banks Can Thrive in an Uncertain World

The one certainty in the financial services sector today is that banks will be operating in an uncertain environment for the foreseeable future. Markets are volatile. Regulations are fast-evolving. Th...

12 Sep 2017
Keith Stonell

Digitalisation, not Brexit, London Market's biggest challenge

Next year is the fortieth anniversary of when Lloyd’s decided to make a dramatic, concrete and steel statement about its past and future. 1978 was the year work started on Richard Rogers’ Lloyd’s Bui...

07 Aug 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

New players need old players to flourish

In recent years, there have been numerous headlines hailing the rise of a new breed of financial technology players and the downfall of incumbent banks. However, to what extent has this been the case ...

01 Aug 2017
Damian Kimmelman

Economic policy must be driven by information on the present, not the past

We live in an organic economy where businesses expand and contract at an ever-increasing rate. Companies like Deliveroo are growing rapidly in the matter two or three years, while other businesses lik...

08 Jun 2017
Stuart Lacey

GDPR 1 Year Countdown: Ready or Not?

In less than 1 year the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced. If you haven’t heard by now; the GDPR will fundamentally change the way that companies capture, manage and store inf...

30 May 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Nicholas Roi

What are the Barriers to FinTech Investment?

Is 2017 truly a year of investment for fintech innovation as has been suggested? A report at the end of last year by law firm, Mayer Brown, suggested that financial services firms are keen to make an ...

15 Mar 2017
Fintech innovation and startups
Hugo Cuevas-Mohr


After a series of media interviews a couple of weeks ago, in a trip to Guatemala, I realized in a moment that I was witnessing a change in the public perception of remittances that I had not grasped b...

13 Feb 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

2017 regulatory challenges for banks: A pathway to unity or division?

I last wrote about Brexit just prior to the referendum, and with the start of a new year, Article 50 voting in the House of Commons and a new President in the White House, it seems apt to look once ag...

03 Feb 2017
Retired Member

Grey with some sunny spells - the outlook for Europe

Recent unrest among the middle classes across both sides of the Atlantic and a greater number of voters in both the UK referendum and US elections suggest they want change, and they want it soon. Wol...

22 Dec 2016
Retired Member

UK FinTech Bridge to China

Today it is another significant milestone for the UK FinTech ecosystem as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) signed the Co-operation Agreement with the People's Bank of China. The purpose of this ...

11 Nov 2016