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Jeremy Light

The Digital Asset Boom - a trailer

The Original Premiere – The Boom Remember the boom? You need to be over 40 to have direct experience of it from the start, so here’s a recap. It began in the mid-90s with the realisati...

13 Jan 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Steve Wilcockson

Financial Services Firms Must Contribute More Software Repos, to Retain Staff and Stay Relevant

I have for some time been aware of companies increasingly submitting code to open source repositories, some quite openly like the hedge funds Man AHL and Two Sigma Investments. Others have jumped on t...

11 Jan 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Mete Feridun

Regulatory and corporate returns are once again on the regulatory spotlight: What should firms do?

On 7 January 2019 the Bank of England (BoE) published a discussion paper (DP) on the way it collects data from financial institutions in response to the June 2019 Future of Finance report undertaken b...

10 Jan 2020
Banking Regulations
Myles Dawson

What are the payments trends for 2020?

There are some big changes in store in 2020, some obvious, some less so. In the payments landscape, it’s all about user convenience and customer experience, whether that’s through increased security f...

10 Jan 2020
The future of Payments in Europe
Konstantin Rabin

China is on its way to open up the FX sector

China has been on a long self-improvement journey and has been tackling all of the areas that could contribute to its global leader status. The financial sector is obviously one of them. Despite the r...

09 Jan 2020
Financial Inclusion
Jalpa Shah

How should banks approach scalability, robustness and security expected by the Omni-Digital Customer

WeChat, Tencent’s super app has been adding 20 million users each quarter. Currently, it has over one billion monthly active users. Similarly, Kakao Bank, one of the first digital-only banks launched...

09 Jan 2020
Rowland Park

The true cost of a lack of innovation in financial research

We are living in an age of information overload where businesses are swamped with information from all angles. What happens when companies don’t use information in the best way possible? Rowland Park ...

08 Jan 2020
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Why Banks Will Never Catch Up With Fintechs

Banks are way ahead of Fintechs in terms of revenues, profits and customer numbers. To that extent, the "catch up" in the context of this post refers solely to User Experience of websites, m...

08 Jan 2020
Dmitrii Barbasura

Why PISPs should not be required to perform AML checks toward PSUs

According to PSD2, a payment initiation service provider (PISP) represents a payment institution, and thus falls under the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Terrorist Financing (ATF) regulations. Y...

08 Jan 2020
Digital Identity Management
Joris Lochy

Can financial service incumbents bridge the technology gap?

Worldwide, the evolutions in technology are accelerating exponentially. Almost every day, new technologies are discovered, and new products are released. This trend will accelerate even more, as: Pe...

07 Jan 2020
Stephen Grady

CSDR and navigating the liquidity landscape in fixed income markets

CSD Regulation (CSDR), was first published into the official journal by ESMA in August 2014 aimed at improving securities trade settlement in the European Union on EU central securities depositories. ...

07 Jan 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Marcus Martinez

The Half-Life of Current Accounts

It’s a generally accepted concept that all physical materials decay over time. Rocks, food, metal, bones, etc… all of these things become weaker or decompose gradually, at different speeds. Scientists...

07 Jan 2020
Behavioral Economics in Banking