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Grant Crow

Biometric Payments - creepy or convenient?

Biometric payments are a way to verify identity, stop fraud and make payments frictionless. However, there are still many consumers that fail to get behind biometrics due to the personal nature of bio...

12 Oct 2018
Robert Siciliano

Do Not take that Stupid Facebook Quiz

Where should you live in the world? What Game of Thrones family are you in? What is the food that best describes your personality? All of these answers are given and found by doing quizzes on Facebook...

11 Oct 2018
Gabriel Schild

Banking on an adaptive network for customer experience innovation: Part 2

The first instalment of this blog looked at how adaptive networks can transform customer experience in financial services. Now I’ll look at the impact this is having on data strategies and cybersecuri...

10 Oct 2018
Scott Cutler

The Growing Threat of Cryptomining

It seems like the whole world is talking about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology – around dinner tables, at the pub, and even in government meetings. It has also become a hot topic

05 Oct 2018
Futuristic Banking
Uma Pasupathy

Cyber Frauds

Internet banking and its associated digital transformations have made lives easy for many who dreaded going to branches for carrying out regular banking transactions. Many tasks which were considered ...

05 Oct 2018
Sean Neary

The Sting in the Long Tail of Cyber Hacks

The finance world may still have concerns after it was revealed that British Airways (BA) was victim to a two-week long hack that resulted in 380,000 payments being compromised in August. And while ev...

04 Oct 2018
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis
Robert Siciliano

Bitcoin Scams Up the Ying Yang

If you are thinking of jumping onto the Bitcoin bandwagon, or any type of cryptocurrency, you have to make sure that you are watching out for scams. There are a ton of them out there, including the fo...

03 Oct 2018
Robert Siciliano

2017 Was the Worst Year for Identity Theft EVER!

Javelin Strategy & Research recently released its Identity Fraud Study, and it revealed that the number of identity theft victims rose by 8% in 2017 when compared to 2016. That’s almost 17 million...

27 Sep 2018
Mark Goldspink

Zero Ambiguity Fraud Management

I continue to be surprised by the lack of analysis and focus on operational efficiency when it comes to understanding all aspects of fraud prevention. Organisations spend a lot of time on improvements...

27 Sep 2018
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis
Mark Goldspink

Zero Ambiguity Fraud Management

How to select the correct operational option to help your organisation beat fraud By Dr. Mark Goldspink is CEO of The ai Corporation I continue to be surprised by the lack of analysis and focus on op...

26 Sep 2018
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis
Robert Siciliano

Background Checks Don't Tell the Whole Story

When it comes to background checks, the National Crime Information Center is the gold standard. It is only available to law enforcement agencies and is the most accurate and complete database tracking...

14 Sep 2018
Robert Siciliano

A Credit Profile Number is a fake SSN, and it Works

Cyber criminals are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the good guys, and there is now another scam out there that you should know about: synthetic identity theft. Basically, the criminals ta...

12 Sep 2018